by Gabe Ergler
What is ICS Integrated Cartridge Solutions? – Part 1 of 4
May 11, 2016
Next Generation Water Softeners and Water Filters. Cascadian Water Treatment Products

ICS stands for Integrated Cartridge Solutions

Integrated Cartridge Solutions is a cartridge based line of water treatment products offering an effective alternative to traditional treatment. The ICS product line was developed and is manufactured by O3 Water Systems under the Cascadian® brand. ICS resolves many of the problems not met by traditional treatment and represents a modern and very capable approach to water treatment. Even though Integrated Cartridge Solutions are vary effective they are not necessarily the best treatment for a particular application. ICS products may be used alone or to improve traditional treatment and have many advantages over automatic, self regenerating tank style water treatment systems.

The right tool for the job

Let me share some background to help explain what our Integrated Cartridge Solutions is. For over 20 years O3 Water Systems has solved complex water quality problems by developing solutions and building some of the very best automatic water treatment systems available anywhere under the Cascadian® brand. Cascadian® water treatment solutions have been and continue to be very successful while being put to the test treating some of the most complex water quality problems found anywhere. Success of Cascadian® products is due to a variety of reasons including being designed to treat specific problems under a well-defined set of parameters, in other words, we do not believe in “one size fits all”.

Because water treatment and customer needs are not the same everywhere and in many cases no simple treatment existed new methods were needed and we are problem solvers. I guess in some ways you could say “We built our company on being able to think outside the box, being able to design reliable products and total solutions where none existed”.

We build distinct treatment systems to meet specific needs and purposes. Because we build a variety of products for the highest success rate we build “the right tool for the job”. Our ICS products are designed and built the same way, considering all the experience we’ve gained and as a result of being able to think outside the box. All ICS treatment systems have specific water treatment purposes, they are a reliable tool in solving complex problems and provide an option to our (or anyone else’s) traditional automatic water treatment products.

Features common to all ICS treatment systems:

  • They do not use salt or power – Save about 30 bags  (1,200 pounds) of salt per year, every year
  • Systems are smaller in size compared to traditional automatic treatment systems
  • No waste water stream is produced, no drain line is required. Nothing is added to sewer or an onsite septic. Compared to traditional treatment save about 10,000 gallons of waste water per year, every year
  • They fit more places because of their small size and no need for a drain line
  • They cost less to purchase, install and maintain than traditional automatic systems
  • Maintenance is reduced to a simple annual cartridge filter change. Save about 20 to 30 hours per year, every year
  • Your water will NOT feel “slippery” or “slimy” like it does when treating hardness with a salt softener
  • ICS systems are NOT banned or subject to other regulatory restrictions
  • ICS systems are effective, reliable, and compared to traditional treatment, an eco-friendly option to solve your water quality problem(s)

Today the Cascadian® Solutions line of professional treatment products include;

OxiTRAP®, SuperTRAP®, SuperTRAP®-UF, PolyHalt®, SuperPOLISH, AcidFIX, ICS, PolyCor and Pinnacle.

When you are looking for a water treatment solution be sure to explore  and discover options to traditional water treatment systems that may very well be better suited to your needs. You may not know what treatment you need to solve your water problems. We are here to help you get the right system. We have a few resources for you: Check out our Product Finder. Of course you can always send us an email or give us a call.

This blog post is part 1 of a 4 part ICS Series.

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