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"Life's Short - Enjoy Your Water"

Next Generation Water Softeners and Water Filters

• Simple and Small Size
• Low Maintenance
• No Salt or Waste Water
• #1 Water Treatment In The Northwest Since 2006
• Independent 3rd Party Certified Safe and Effective



See what customers say about
Cascadian® water softener and filter systems.

“I will continue to recommend Cascadian to anyone, they stand behind their product.”

“My ICS product is great, it’s very effective fixing my hardness problems. My water tastes great too. The system is small, salt-less and doesn’t require a drain.”

“…the water system you installed for us is working very well…Our water is very clear and soft, tastes good and the dishes and clothes are clean and white.”

“I had an ICS customer call me and tell me his water is cleaning his toilets… I almost fell out of my chair.”

Thank you for all of your help. The new filters completely cleared up our water in regards to color, odor, and taste. You guys were awesome in helping me so quickly.

Chris Bullock – After installing an ICS-SIPK

“We love the Poly Halt!”

Happy PolyHalt Water Softener Customer
The Hackney’s tell their ICS PolyHalt Water Softener Story


Imagine life with clean water for your whole family and every need:

•Cleaner great tasting water
•Brighter and whiter laundry
•Cleaner dishes
•Less soap scum on sinks, tubs and showers
•Less stubborn spotting and mineral staining

 All this in an affordable small sized system with low maintenance, without salt or waste water and so many more benefits

Business Owner

Do you own a restaurant or food service business? How about a bakery or brewery?

Want to reduce costs and improve your product and customer experience at the same time? We are ready to help you make that happen.


Interested in simplifying your water softener and filter business?

Looking for alternatives to traditional automatic systems?

Thinking about adding water treatment to your business?

Our ICS treatment systems give you the advantage. We are ready to work with you to grow your water treztment business.

About Us

We are an innovative family owned business solving water quality problems since 1994.

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