Next Generation Saltless Water Softeners and Filters

Life’s Short – Enjoy Your Water

We provide busy home and business owners the ability to solve water quality problems

with simple, affordable and eco-friendly water treatment systems.

Happy customers have more time and money to spend wherever they want.

Legal where salt based softeners are banned

All Systems Guaranteed by our Customer Satisfaction Program

Saltless Softener and Filter Systems



Imagine life with clean water for your whole family and every need:

  • Cleaner great tasting water
    • Drinking more water is good for the body
  • Brighter and whiter laundry
    • Your clothes will be whiter and brighter
  • Look and feel your best
    • Your hair will be cleaner and more manageable
  • Spend less time cleaning and maintaining
    • Your home’s dishes, glassware, appliances, windows, shower doors, tubs etc.
    • Your vehicles
    • Your water treatment system
  • Spend less money 
    • Replacing clothes and appliances
    • On cleaning supplies
    • On salt and waste water
  • Good for our environment
    • No salt, waste water or power
    • Less plastics


All this and more in an affordable small sized system that’s easy to buy and install.

Did you know our Next Generation Water Treatment Systems are legal where salt based softeners are banned?



Any business that uses water can benefit from improving water quality:

  • These are among the many businesses that can benefit from quality water
    • Restaurants and food service
    • Bakeries and breweries
    • Coffee and soda shops
  • Want to save time and money spent
    • Cleaning unsightly spotting and staining
    • Servicing / replacing equipment and appliances
    • Operating / maintaining water treatment
    • On salt and waste water
  • Smaller simpler treatment fits more places
  • No special knowledge required to service or maintain
  • Improved product raises you above competitors
  • Improved customer experience grows business
    • A Bad tasting glass of water or unsightly spots or stains makes a lasting negative impression
    • Customers appreciate a great experience and reward you with more business


Everyone benefits from water treatment that’s small size, low cost and simple to operate.

Ready to improve your business and customer experience? Contact Us or use our Product Finder to get started.

Step 1. Test Your Water Step 2. Select Water Treatment Product Step 3. Install Your Custom Treatment Step 4. Customers Love Cascadian Water Treatment

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