Automatic / Traditional Treatment Systems

Cartridge or Conventional Automatic Water Treatment

We build both – We Understand Both – We Use Both


One of our goals to to provide each customer with the highest quality water treatment no matter how bad their water is or what their preferences are. There is water that can’t reasonably be fixed with cartridge based treatment. At the same time there are water quality problems that can’t be fixed with traditional automatic water treatment. For these and other reasons we build both cartridge and automatic lines of water treatment.

If your water quality is outside the capabilities of our cartridge based treatment or you prefer more traditional treatment you’ve come to the right place.

These products are from our Automatic or Traditional product line and many have been in continuous production since the mid 1990’s. They are extremely effective and often combined to treat multiple water quality problems. They may also be combined with treatment systems from our ICS product line for the most flexible and highly customized treatment designed to your exact needs.

Due to the complexity, physical size, location and installation requirements, startup and commissioning these automatic systems are NOT available online, they are only available through professional  distributor, dealer and water treatment professional channels. Please contact us for assistance in locating a professional near you.