We Make Water Treatment Good Business

Enjoy Happy and Loyal Customers

Cascadian is Simple, Small Size, Easy to Explain and Install

Customers demand low maintenance saltless water treatment
and they can get it from you!

Grow Your Business

You already sell and install all sorts of plumbing supplies. Add water treatment and give your customers the complete package, don’t make them shop at your competitor.

With 23 years experience treating water treating water we have a good understanding of the problems you face and are ready to help you be successful, the “go-to” for water treatment.

Everyone deserves to more time and money to do what they enjoy and you can help them with Cascadian saltless water treatment systems.

Over 10,000 customers agree.

A Customer’s Story

Meet Lewis and Nadine, their story is typical of Cascadian Water Treatment customers. Just like Lewis and Nadine, your customers will love you and their Cascadian water treatment system.

Happy PolyHalt Water Softener Customer

Click Here for Lewis and Nadine’s Cascadian Story.

Be Successful with
Cascadian Water!

Are you currently offering water treatment solutions? Are you considering making water treatment part of your business? We have the experience and tools for success working with plumbers, water treatment companies and wholesale distributors and we’d like to work with you.

Cascadian ICS water treatment is not complicated. Don’t let the competition take water treatment business from you. Complete the customer experience and grow your business.

Step 1

Commit to Product Knowledge training

Step 2

Purchase and maintain inventory

(we will help you)

Step 3

Install treatment system

Step 4

Replace filter kit annually

We Make Water Treatment Easy

Water Treatment Professionals Professional Plumbers

The majority of our water treatment systems reach the end customer by way of trade professionals. We are here to support you and your customer.

Resources for Professionals Include:

  • Product knowledge training
  • ICS product finder tool
  • Sales and marketing assistance
  • Product installation guides
  • Customer satisfaction program

Discover some of the many differences between Cascadian ICS Next Generation water treatment systems and traditional water treatment systems.

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