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See what Cascadian customers have to say about their water, installing systems and working with Cascadian

“Hello Jodi,

Here is my testimonial about the Cascadian Water filter system that was installed in my home:

I originally purchased the ICS-TP water filter system for my home with the hopes of eliminating the water softener system and the hassle and expense of water softener salt/pellets.  I sent a water sample to Cascadian and they recommended the double filter system in order to achieve the level of soft water I was currently used to as well as filtering out harmful chemicals and contaminants that are in the city water.  However, in my attempt to save money I foolishly decided to go with the single filter system, which works very well but does not get the water to the level of softness I was used to.  Now I have a whole home water filter system and a soft water system working together to filter the water and soften it.  If you are reading this, I highly advise you to go with the system that Cascadian recommends.  It will save you money in the long run.  The only upside to my situation is that I don’t have to refill the salt as often as I did before the filtration system was installed.


It’s been a little bit since I installed the unit and I LOVE IT!!!!!   I have had the opportunity to install any and all of the products we have sold for 30 years.  I contemplated very strongly the Nuvo System before we started using the Cascadian.  I am SO GLAD I WAITED.

There was no taste change to the water, (which I was worried about, because our water tastes awesome) it was easy to install and it works great.  Before Cascadian, when my fixtures where clean of residue it would take about 3 days to cloud up and I could not remove the residue unless using some type of cleaning / polishing products.  With the Cascadian filter installed it takes about 2 weeks for any residue to appear and any residue wipes right off.  My clear glass shower doors clean up much easier.  I am very happy with this product and will share my experience with everyone that asks about a filter system.



Karen Lewis

Professional Dealer in Sequim, WA

Dear Jodi,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the entire Cascadian team for your unwavering help in solving my home water system issues.  It is rare to find a company that shows such concern for the consumer and is so dedicated to ensuring that their products and services are at such a high level of excellence.  It’s a comfort to know that you are there.  I whole-heartedly recommend Cascadian to other homeowners— I don’t think you can find a better water treatment company!


Marshall Raskind

Bainbridge Island, WA

Have had our water system for a year now and just replaced our first set of filters. This system is amazing has kept our well water so crystal clear!! My wife and I love this system and how it has improved our water, highly recommend this!!

Kurt and Michelle W

Olympia, WA

Even with a comprehensive salt water softener and filter system I often got complaints from my renters regarding the well water for my rental property. There was staining, hardness and build-up as well as complaints about sediments on and off. Since we installed the CASCADIAN WATER FILTERS everyone is happy with the water quality and I finally don’t have complaints anymore. This is a huge stress reduction for me and as a health practitioner I feel good about providing healthier water.

Thanks for your product, it made a big difference!

Anni Rychtera

Vernon BC, Canada

Steve White and his wife who have recently started using the Cascadian replacement filters for the Nuvo Filter setup said they see a dramatic difference especially in the stainless kitchen sink, residue and whitening that used to occur is not longer occurring. Steve has been using Nuvo for 2-1/2 years and has had the Cascadian replacement for about 60 days. Steve is located in the Dearborn area on the Missouri river 30 minutes south west of Great Falls, Steve is on well water that is about 27 grain hard, high in calcium and lime.

Thadd Gifford and Sean Root

Ferguson Wholesale Distributors, Great Falls, MT

“I don’t know anything; I tell customers there is a place that can fix any water problem and I send them to Cascadian”

Jeff Park

Ferguson Wholesale Distributors, Jackson WY.

“….I received the Filter and accessories from UPS yesterday. I changed out the filter today; smooth and easy. Thank you again for helping me.”

Nate Wescott

Jackson WY., Jackson WY.

“….I am pleased to report that the wife is pleased with what the TP unit has done with our water quality in our personal home.”

Matt Dorsett

Jackson WY., Campbell and Company, Pasco, WA.

“…the water system you installed for us is working very well…Our wateis very clear ansofttastes good anthdishes anclothes are cleaanwhite.

Pat and Aileen

“I have used a lot of filtration company’s products over the last 15 years, some were terrible, some were not so bad however; none of them have as complete of a package of products like Cascadian Water does.  They can recommend EXACTLY what it will take to fix the customer’s water problems right from the start, not just throwing equipment at the problem till it is satisfactory. No matter what water I come up against I know (Cascadian Water) has a solution for it. Example ‐ SuperTrap‐UF, nobody else has anything even close to what it can do for that price range, I hope to sell many more of them”

Brady Denlinger

Excel Plumbing, Ellensburg, WA.

“After doing some research I began installing your product line and got very good responses. I have been installing NuvoH2O for years and no longer do so, your system does so much more than just removing hard water.

I bought a home this summer and installed one of your cartridge style systems in it. My wife has very long hair that drops below her waistline and has always used tons of conditioner. I told her she should not need to use as much now. She didn’t cut back until she was almost ran out of it and to her surprise found she cut it back by at least 70 percent the same held true for other soaps in the kitchen and laundry room .

What I noticed the most was no more bad tasting water, we don’t buy bottled water anymore .

I had a doctor client who had bad hard water problems, I recommended a Cascadian system to him and he wanted it, when I went back a couple days later to install it he put the brakes on the job till I could explain how it worked. He didn’t want to drink anything that might be harmful to him or his wife. I explained how the phosphate sequesters the hard water and passes through the system, he thought about it for a few minutes and told me to go ahead that phosphate posed no problems at all.

A week after installing it he called me and said he was very pleased with his new system. The day after it was installed he cleaned all the hard water deposit off of his coffee pot, normally it would be back after its first use. He hasn’t seen any yet and thanked me for telling him about it.

I would recommend your line to everyone. Thank you for providing great systems at a very good and competitive pricing.  PS – Thank you and your company for answering all my questions and those of my clients who called you direct at your company.”

Keith McClure

Evans Plumbing, Ellensburg, WA.

“Great assistance from the company and very glad to see these products available. It seems expensive (and it is) but the fact that we don’t have to buy and hassle with salt and we don’t have to change them every couple months justifies the cost. The performance of these filters far exceed the previous salt filters I once used. We had this filtering system going on 2 years now and not one problem. A little piece mind goes a long way when you are a new homeowner.”

Vanessa Will

“I can tell you when I do my water sample and I get my suggested things they will almost always go to the ICS series…they’re easy to put in…they like them, the plumbers do, they really do.”


Ferguson Wholesale Distributors, Sequim, WA.

“I’ve never gotten one back, I’ve never had a complaint. When they go to install one, I say now, if you have a salt system you probably won’t be happy just because the waters not going to be that slimy feeling, if you’re used to one thing it’s not going to be that way.” 


Ferguson Wholesale Distributors, Walla Walla, WA.

“A year after purchasing a new home – a home with a well water pumping and filtration system – I faced the new challenge of learning how to identify and change sediment and arsenic filtration cartridges.  The filters seemed to be from Cascadian Water (at least that was what the casings said).  What I did not realize was that one of the casings had been internally customized, and that the filter used inside was not a cartridge, but a sock filter.  Ignorant of all these things, I called Cascadian and ordered the filter cartridges that I thought I needed.  I received them quickly and in good order, and then had a fun afternoon figuring out that nothing fit.  I called Cascadian Water and spoke to Jodi.  She asked me a bunch of questions.  Realizing that the set up I had was not standard, she shipped me a new casing and fitting, and then helped me to find a plumbing service that was responsive and had experience working with Cascadian Water systems.  Jodi was all about ensuring that I had what I needed, and she went beyond the call of duty in finding a local expert to assess my situation.  Service and caring beyond the call of duty…


Monroe, Washington

After drilling a new well for our retirement home on Whidbey Island, the water quality report tested positive for Arsenic at 0.026 mg/L. After installing a Cascadian Water ICS-A Arsenic filter system, the measureable amount dropped .018 mg/L to just 0.008, well below the state/EPA maximum concentration level. In addition to a taste and odor filter, our domestic water is now safe and enjoyable to drink.

Chris & Susan Geiger

Coupville, WA

First of all thank you for responding to my inquiry so quickly. I really appreciate working with prompt people and companies that realize time is valuable. 

We at Grizzly Plumbing have been very pleased with Cascadian Water. We mainly install the ICS-TP water filters. But we have had wonderful feed back from our customers. We installed one where the sulphur smell and taste was completely neutralized by the filter. It was so bad the odor could be detected all over the home when the water was ran. Right after I installed the filter I tried the water from the hose and could not taste the sulphur at all. 

We also installed one at a duplex to replace the salt water softener. The landlords tenants have been extremely pleased with the switch.”

Jason Te Slaa

Grizzly Plumbing LLC, Great Falls, MT.

Is this Normal?” 

Todd sent this picture because he was concerned something might be wrong. Both these filters are ICS-TPKs but the one on the left is about 18 months old and the one on the right is brand new. Todd’s water supply comes from the City of Mesa, AZ. where hardness ranges from 12 – 22 grains per gallon. The city does not list other common water elements such as iron. Click / Press here to see the city’s full reports. Todd has a household of 4.

Todd’s ICS-TP Testimony;

I figured it was time to change my filter when I began to smell a little bit of chlorine. I also discovered that when the Cascadian filter is functioning normally you need to clean the toilet more often because the filter removes the chlorine, that’s my personal barometer. “

“The shower, dishes, the stuff that’s noticeable – the filter makes my life much easier. Dishes are cleaner, shower doors are easier to keep clean, I’ve always squeegeed the shower everyday but that task is much easier with the Cascadian in place.”

“It might have been 18 months and I’m a family of 4 so I’m sure I got the full use out of that cartridge. We drank that water and cooked with it for 27 plus years prior to the filter and that’s scary.”


Todd Bakken

City of Mesa, AZ.

“We love the ICS Systems, our customers love the ICS Systems, we sell a lot of them. . . . they are just so much better than salt softeners”.

Al Loppie

A&A Plumbing & Heating Helena, MT.

“Just wanted to email you some results from a customer that had the state do water analysis for them before and after the ICS-A…. They are extremely happy.”  Note: Using our ICS-A the customer was able to reduce their arsenic level from 18 ppb to 1 ppb.

Kevin O’dell

S.J. Perry Co. Inc, Distributor – Helena, MT.

“We installed our first ICS H2s filter. We put it behind a Nitro System that was randomly allowing H2s by. It works flawlessly. Thanks for the new ICS systems. We bought all 4 for our inventory.”

Toby Cyr

Specialty Pump and Well Services, Snohomish, WA.

“We love the Poly Halt!”

Alan Hanna

Safe Water Technologies West, Spokane, WA.

“I have had the Cascadian water treatment system installed in my home for about 6 months now…our entire family feels that the (water) taste is significantly improved…My husband also feels like the hardness of the water has improved how his eyes feel after taking a shower…previously found that his eyes were bloodshot and bothered by the hardness.”

Sherry Erickson

“…I was having problems with iron and manganese staining, it had a bad taste and it didn’t smell very good. My ICS system is “extremely effective and is well designed”. I would highly recommend this water treatment system for both water quality as well the prevention of mineral buildup in your plumbing and fixtures.” 

Matt Newell

Wauconda, WA.

“I was having problems with iron and manganese staining…The folks at Ace Hardware recommended a plumber who told me about the ICS treatment systems. I really think the ICS is the best technology available. I really like that the treatment is saltless, doesn’t require a drain and is low maintenance. My ICS system removes a great volume of iron. I love the fact the product is American Made. I give this product a rating of 10, I recommend the ICS product.” 

Kenneth Cadwallader

Ellensburg, WA.

“After using a salt-based water softener for over 30 years, I prefer the Cascadian system because it does not leave a slimy feel after showering, improves the taste of the water, and I no longer have to haul heavy bags of salt.  The product does all that, and takes about 1/4 of the space, and half the cost of the Culligan System that it replaced. “

Suzette Thompson

Richland, WA.

“I will continue to recommend Cascadian to anyone, they stand behind their product.” 

Stephanie Wall

Entiat, WA.

My ICS product is great, it’s very effective fixing my hardness problems. My water tastes great too. The system is small, saltless and doesn’t require a drain.” 

Richard Dievendorff

Oak Harbor, WA.

“In all honesty my customers love it, that’s why they keep coming back and getting more and why they keep recommending it to their new customers. If I could just deal with this kind of stuff all day it’d be great days.” 


Ferguson Wholesale Distributors, Port Orchard, WA.

“People come in and say “I got rid of my softener” and “this is so nice”.  In the city it’s a perfect product because of the hardness levels we’re dealing with and the taste and odor. The STP is an awesome product for getting rid of the odor in the water, the chlorine, or whatever it is, and then dealing with having issues with water spots.” 

Tony Dahl

Ferguson Wholesale Distributors, Yakima, WA.

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