Todd Bakken – Is this Normal? An ICS-TP and ICS-TPK Testimony, Mesa, AZ.

city water filter ICS-TP Mesa, Az

03 Apr, 2017

Gabe Ergler

“Is this Normal?”

Todd sent this picture because he was concerned something might be wrong. Both these filters are ICS-TPKs but the one on the left is about 18 months old and the one on the right is brand new. Todd’s water supply comes from the City of Mesa, AZ. where hardness ranges from 12 – 22 grains per gallon. The city does not list other common water elements such as iron. Click / Press here to see the city’s full reports. Todd has a household of 4.

Todd’s ICS-TP Testimony;

I figured it was time to change my filter when I began to smell a little bit of chlorine. I also discovered that when the Cascadian filter is functioning normally you need to clean the toilet more often because the filter removes the chlorine, that’s my personal barometer. “

“The shower, dishes, the stuff that’s noticeable – the filter makes my life much easier. Dishes are cleaner, shower doors are easier to keep clean, I’ve always squeegeed the shower everyday but that task is much easier with the Cascadian in place.”

“It might have been 18 months and I’m a family of 4 so I’m sure I got the full use out of that cartridge. We drank that water and cooked with it for 27 plus years prior to the filter and that’s scary.”

Click/Press here to learn all about the Cascadian ICS-TP.