Jason Te Slaa – Grizzly Plumbing, Great Falls, MT.

19 Sep, 2017

Gabe Ergler

“First of all thank you for responding to my inquiry so quickly. I really appreciate working with prompt people and companies that realize time is valuable. 

We at Grizzly Plumbing have been very pleased with Cascadian Water. We mainly install the ICS-TP water filters. But we have had wonderful feed back from our customers. We installed one where the sulphur smell and taste was completely neutralized by the filter. It was so bad the odor could be detected all over the home when the water was ran. Right after I installed the filter I tried the water from the hose and could not taste the sulphur at all. 

We also installed one at a duplex to replace the salt water softener. The landlords tenants have been extremely pleased with the switch.”

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