Filter Change Reminder Email Service

We make it easy so you’ll always have the best water ever!

Filter Reminder Service – FREE to our Customers.

We will send you an email reminder when it is time to change your filter and we’ll tell you which filter you need – no more guessing.

We know our treatment systems are small, quiet, simple and only once a year need filters changed. When a treatment system is this good it’s easy to forget you even have treatment until one day you realize spots are harder to clean, your hair is freaked out, soap scum is building up on showers and tubs, your laundry looks gray and dingy, your water stinks or tastes bad. You realize you forgot to change your filter(s).

Don’t let this happen to you, simply complete the form below and we’ll automatically send you a friendly¬†email to remind you it is time to change your filter(s) and we will even tell you the exact filters you need to replace the ones you’ve registered.

Please Note: If you bought your treatment system or filter on this website you don’t have to complete this form. You are automatically scheduled for our email reminder service. You can opt out at anytime.

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