Water Quality Test Kit

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Do you know what water problems need fixing? If you don’t know what is wrong with your water using our Water Quality Test Kit is a great way to find out and get the best treatment for your water problems.


  • 8oz. sample bottle
  • Instructions and information form
  • Box – Use to return sample by USPS or UPS
  • Test results and treatment recommendation sent by email

FREE with qualifying purchase! See Details Below

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Product Description

Water Quality Test Kit – Find the right water treatment system


FREE Water Test Details:

  1. Purchase WSK, fill the bottle with your water, complete included information form and return to us via mail or UPS.
  2. We will test the water, provide test results and make an ICS product recommendation to provide the best treatment possible. With your test results we will include a coupon equal to the WSK purchase price. Apply coupon at checkout when purchasing your system online at www.cascadianwater.com.


Free WSK Coupon applies to our top three water treatment systems:


Three Easy Steps to fixing and ENJOYING your water:

Step 1 – Know what needs to get fixed.

You may already know what needs to be fixed with your water and if that is the case the next step to successful water treatment is to select the right water treatment system(s) to best solve your problems. Use our easy Product Finder Tool to select and purchase your treatment system.

Two ways to find out what needs fixing:

  1. Ask your water provider for a report of your water quality and then use that information to select the right water treatment system(s) to best solve your problems with our Product Finder Tool.
  2. Get a water test. A water test will tell you what needs fixing and then you use that information to select the right water treatment system(s) to best solve your problems with our Product Finder Tool.

If you would like for us to test your water and recommend the best treatment solution tailored to your needs you will need to Purchase our Water Sample Kit.

Once you get the sample bottle, follow the instructions to get the best sample for testing and fill out the information form giving as much information as possible. Be sure to write clearly and to include your contact information. Tighten bottle cap and tape box ends before shipping.

Return the information form and bottle. We will test your water and email you with the test results and treatment recommendations. We will contact you if we have any questions as we are formulating your custom treatment system.

Step 2 – Purchase your recommended custom treatment.

Step 3 – Install the treatment. Contact your local plumber or install your new treatment yourself.

That’s all there is to it – Enjoy Your Water!

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