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Sulfur Odor Filter System | Whole House


Item Number: ICS-H

Whole House Water Filter System For:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg/sulfur) Odor Reduction

Includes First Cartridge Filter Kit (a $407 value)

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The Cascadian ICS-H Sulfur Odor Filter System

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The Cascadian ICS-H Sulfur Odor Filter System is the only cartridge based treatment for hydrogen sulfide (H2S, rotten egg, sulfur) odor for your water. You will enjoy your water more than ever after the ICS-H reduces and often completely eliminates foul smelling H2S odors. If your water has hydrogen sulfide the ICS-H is required pretreatment for any of our PolyHalt salt free softener systems. For the best treatment we recommend following the ICS-H with the ICS-ST or ICS-STP for filtration and taste & odor.

Single ICS-H system maximum flow rate is 8 GPM. Additional systems may be used in series higher flows or complete treatment.

Sulfur odor filter system details

  • Small size
    • 20 times smaller than typical backwashing filter systems
    • Does not take up valuable floor space - system hangs on the wall
  • No power required
  • Produces no waste water
    • No backwash or regeneration cycles
    • Save 10,000± gallons of wastewater per year
  • Simple annual maintenance
    • Annual filter change
    • Includes drain on filter housing for clean no spill easy filter changes

Warning in the State of California;    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


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ICS-H Cascadian Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg) Filter System

Dimensions: 29″ x 7.5″ x 8″ (Height x Width x Depth)
Connection Diameter:
System Drain: 1/2″
Max. Capacity: 97,500 gallons or 12 months
Best Treatment Flow: 3-5 gpm
Max. Flow: 
8 gpm
Min. Pressure: 25 psi
Max. Pressure: 120 psi
Min. Temperature: 39° F
Max. Temperature: 113° F
Number of Filters: 1
Weight: 19 pounds dry
Includes Filter Housing Drain
Other: Recommend following with ICS-ST or ICS-STP



  1. Included bottom drain makes changing filters simple, easy and quick
  2. System includes an inline flow limiter designed to limit flow to 8 gallons per minute.
  3. For the best treatment we recommend following the ICS-H with the ICS-ST or ICS-STP for filtration and taste & odor.

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Raw Water Parameters / Conditions for Operation

Bacteria: None Allowed
Chlorine: NA
Colloidal Iron: NA
Hardness: NA
Hydrocarbons, oils, or lubricants: None Allowed
Hydrogen Sulfide: Not for extreme levels
Iron & Manganese (Clear Only): <0.3 ppm
Iron & Manganese (Colored): <0.3 ppm
Iron Bacteria: None Allowed
Organic Iron: None Allowed
 Between 6.5 and 8.5
Sediment: NA
Silica: NA
Tannin / Organics: None Allowed
Turbidity: Less than 1 NTU


Notes for all ICS systems:

  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “NA” the systems will not affect and is not affected by concentrations of that parameter typically found in drinking water
  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “None Allowed” Remove through adequate pre-treatment
  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “Not for extreme levels” The cartridge useful life may be shortened and require more frequent replacement.
  • Extreme levels of any parameter may shorten useful cartridge life
  • Stated “Max Capacity” may be reduced by overall raw water chemistry

Complete Treatment with the ICS-H Hydrogen Sulfide Filter is a simple single step process.

Cascadian ICS-H Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg) systems are designed to reduce and even eliminate the foul rotten egg odor. They are very effective in all but the most extreme hydrogen sulfide situations. Too much Hydrogen sulfide and the filter will not work. The more H2S in the water the fewer gallons that can be treated before the filter needs to be changed.

Our ICS-H hydrogen sulfide reduction cartridges use a proprietary media with high purity copper-zinc that reduces contaminants in water by way of oxidation/reduction (redox) reactions.The redox process converts hydrogen sulfide to insoluble sulfide. It does not remove the sulfide from the water and this is why we recommend filtration after the ICS-H. We recommend the ICS-H be followed with sediment and taste & odor filters. The taste & odor filter we recommend is the ICS-ST or ICS-STP which is designed to remove particles and improve taste and odor further enhancing hydrogen sulfide treatment.

For assistance with your treatment system please contact us and we will be happy to help. Maximum service life is 97,500 gallons or 1 year and may be less depending on your water quality and the volume of water treated.

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