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Replacement Water Filter Fits NuvoH2O Manor


Item Number: ICS-SP1242K

Filter Sediment and Soften with 1 Cartridge

A perfect upgrade to the NuvoH2O Manor filter.
PolyHalt® Salt Free Water Softener with Sediment Filter.
Lasts 1 full year (twice as long as the NuvoH2O Manor filter).

Whole House Water Filter For;

  • Clarifying by filtering sediment and particles down to 5 Micron
  • Hard water problems – white spots and mineral deposits
  • Clear iron and manganese staining – red/orange/brown and black
  • Copper staining – blue/green
  • Low pH/aggressive water
  • Appliance protection
  • Silica etching and pitting (spots won’t come off glass surfaces)


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Compared to Nuvo

*2x Longer Life
*Does More
*Works Better
*Fits Perfectly

If you have a NuvoH2O Manor treatment system our Nuvo Manor Water Filter Replacement Kit is a great way to get even better water. Simply install the ICS-SP1242K in your existing NuvoH2O Manor housing and enjoy better water and 1/2 the filter changes and maintenance.

Designed specifically for waters that have high hardness and also have sediment/particles problems. Additional ICS-SP1242K benefits are treatment for low pH, aggressive water conditions, silica etching & pitting and appliance protection.

Benefits Include:

  • Salt free Eco-friendly treatment
    • Save 30 bags of salt and 10,000 gallons of waste water per year
  • Small size
    • 20 times smaller than typical salt softeners
    • Does not take up valuable floor space, system hangs on the wall
  • Better tasting and smelling water
  • PolyHalt® soft water:
    • Easier cleaning and maintaining of home or business
    • Brighter, whiter, softer laundry
    • Soaps, shampoos, conditioners etc. will work better and you will use less
    • No slippery or slimy feeling
    • Low annual maintenance
  • Not subject to any regulations banning or restricting salt softeners
  • Can be used when your water has iron in it
  • Can be used when your water's pH is below 7.0


  • POE - Point of Entry treatment for whole home or business
  • Chlorinated city or well water with taste & odor problems
  • Hard water problems
  • Low pH and aggressive waters
  • Silica problems
  • Appliance protection

Other Products to consider:

The ICS-TP treats for chlorine and other taste and odor problems. The ICS-TP is another great treatment upgrade to the Nuvo Manor.

ICS-SP1242K filters are specially designed to combine two processes into one physical filter. In the first step water is first filtered to remove sediment and particles. After filtration, in step two water is treated with PolyHalt® using PolyCor™ technology to eliminate the need for a second filter. Treatment with PolyHalt® sequesters hardness minerals preventing them from being able to cause the problems they would if left untreated.

Water quality problems addressed with PolyHalt® include;

  • hard water spots and encrustation
  • iron and manganese staining
  • soap scum build up
  • laundry that is grey, dingy and not soft
  • silica etching and pitting

PolyHalt® treatment protects plumbing, fixtures and appliances from damages caused by corrosive or low pH water. Without using salt, power or producing waste water PolyHalt® treated water, in many ways, behaves as though the metals are not present at all. Your PolyHalt® treated water will not stain, soap scum will not form, and water spots will easily clean up. PolyHalt® will also prevent blue/green staining caused by copper and etching and pitting caused by silica.

Upgrade your NuvoH2O Manor Filter:

If you have a Nuvo Manor filter you can upgrade and enjoy better water with 1/2 the maintenance. The ICS-SP1242K is a perfect fit replacement and upgrade to Nuvo Manor series housings. 

Upgrade from the Nuvo Manor and you will experience

  • PolyHalt® Soft Water
  • Clear water without sediment and particles
  • Because the ICS-SP1242 lasts twice as long as the Nuvo Manor filter you will have 1/2 the filter changes and 1/2 the maintenance.

Warning in the State of California;    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 6 × 6 in

ICS-SP1242K; Nuvo Manor Replacement Filter Kit Upgrade

Dimensions: 4.5″ x 20″
Max. Capacity: 
12 Months
Max. Flow: 15 gpm
Max. Pressure: 90 psi
Max. Temperature: 100° F
Number of Filters: 1



General PolyHalt® Notes;

  • Just like salt based softeners, there will be spots but any spots will be easier to clean.
  • Water will not feel slippery or slimy with PolyHalt® a softener like it does with a traditional salt softener
  • Hardness test results will be equal pre & post treatment. PolyHalt® makes hardness harmless without removal.
  • Water could be worse after install while plumbing is being cleaned. May need to clean aerators, shower heads etc.



Raw Water Parameter Conditions for Operation

Hardness: Max 25 grains (427 ppm)
Hydrocarbons: None Allowed
Hydrogen Sulfide: None Allowed (use ICS-H to remove)
Iron & Manganese (Clear Only): <6 ppm combined
Iron & Manganese (Colored): <1 ppm
Iron Bacteria: None Allowed
pH: Between 6.0 and 8.5
Sediment: 5 microns
Silica: <100 ppm
Tannin: None Allowed
Turbidity: Less than 1 NTU


Notes for all ICS systems:

  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “N/A” the systems will not affect and is not affected by concentrations of that parameter typically found in drinking water
  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “None Allowed” Remove through adequate pre-treatment
  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “Not for extreme levels” The cartridge useful life may be shortened and require more frequent replacement.
  • Extreme levels of any parameter may shorten useful cartridge life
  • Stated “Max Capacity” may be reduced by overall raw water chemistry

Complete treatment with the ICS-SP1242K Nuvo Manor replacement filter is a two step process.

Step 1. Water first passes through a sediment filter to reduce visible sediment and particles. This filter a specially designed high sediment holding capacity for long life with lower pressure drop and is not susceptible to microbiological growth.

Step 2. Next, water flows through PolyHalt® media where it is softened, treated to prevent iron and manganese staining and silica etching and pitting. A small amount of PolyHalt® enters the water to protect your plumbing, fixtures and appliances from low pH or aggressive water conditions.

How PolyHalt® works;

PolyHalt® works because of differences in electrical charges between dissolved metals in the water and PolyHalt®. Technically PolyHalt® treats dissolved metals via a well known process is called Ionic-Bonding resulting in a new ionic complex. A more thorough description of how PolyHalt® works (see below) can be a little technical but simply put PolyHalt® works on the “Opposites Attract” principle.

PolyHalt®, is a negatively charged semi-solid material while metals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese dissolved in water are positively charged. As positively charged metals flow through negatively charged PolyHalt® an amount of PolyHalt® equal to that required to form a new ionic-bond is automatically proportionally released to form new ionic complexes. These new complexes are very different than the original, they are chemically different with new behavior properties than before treatment.

What new properties do PolyHalt® complexes have?

Hardness Minerals – Calcium and Magnesium;

Cannot form hard scale or stick to surfaces. Cannot bind with soaps to form a curdy precipitate (soap scum). PolyHalt® complexed hardness minerals remain in the water and the water behaves as if they are not present, scale formation is prevented, water is easy to work with. Water is softened without salt

Evaporative water spots;

Water spots formed when water evaporates are much easy to clean up. Most often all that is required is to simply wipe the spots away without hard work or chemicals.

Removal of existing scale;

PolyHalt® treated water tends to solve existing hard water scale from surfaces cleaning them over time.

Prevention of curdy precipitate (soap scum);

PolyHalt® treated hardness minerals cannot bind with soaps. Use less soap cleaning and get cleaner easier.

Protection of plumbing and appliances from Low pH or aggressive water that can soften and dissolve metals causing plumbing leaks and appliance failure;

A very thin coating of PolyHalt® forms a protective insulating layer on the metallic surfaces of metals exposed to Low pH or aggressive water.

Silica etching and pitting;

Though we are not sure of the chemical reason we know PolyHalt® somehow prevents etching and pitting of glass from silica.

Iron and Manganese treatment;

Dissolved iron and manganese in water are clear. Treatment with PolyHalt® keeps them clear, it prevents them from reacting with oxygen and changing to their colored form. PolyHalt® treated iron and manganese remain in the water unable to cause typical orange / red and brown / black form staining.

Blue and Green Staining;

Blue / green staining happens when copper leached from plumbing by water that is low pH or low TDS (total dissolved solids). Blue / green stains are prevented with PolyHalt® treatment because PolyHalt® forms a very thin protective insulating layer on the metallic surfaces of metals exposed to Low pH or aggressive water


PolyHalt® is a unique polyphosphate formula derived from naturally occurring phosphorous bearing rock. Levels of polyphosphate allowed in drinking water are regulated by the USEPA. Automatic proportional control and safety of PolyHalt® is tested and certified by NSF, an independent third-party testing agency. PolyHalt® has no color, taste or odor so it will not change these features of treated water.

Testing Hardness, Iron and Manganese:

Because PolyHalt® softens water by forming complexes with rather than removing hardness minerals through ion exchange and replacement with salt as with a conventional salt-based softener your water will test the same for calcium and magnesium before and after treatment.

A water hardness test shows how much calcium and magnesium are in the water, it does not show how the treated water behaves. Though there are differences in PolyHalt® and conventional salt-based softened water, they both essentially behave the same, they make untreated hard water with calcium and magnesium minerals easier to work with. One leaves the hardness minerals in the water, the other replaces them with salt.

This same principle holds true for iron and manganese in the water. PolyHalt® form a new complex with iron and manganese through ionic bonding. Without removing these metals they are rendered harmless unable to convert to their colored form. Because the new harmless complex remains in the water after treatment testing will show the same concentration before and after treatment.

PolyHalt® is consumed during the treatment process and so it must be replaced to prevent water problems from recurring. Maximum filter life is 1 year for whole home systems and 6 months for smaller Point of Use systems. Most often PolyHalt® will last a full year but water quality and volume treated may affect shorten filter life. Spots that are hard to clean after treatment indicate it is time to replace your filter. So you never end up with bad water problems again consider our “Filter Reminder Service” or “Autoship” options.

One difference between conventional salt-based softeners and PolyHalt® saltless softeners you need to be aware of is how the water “feels”. Unlike salt softened water, PolyHalt® treated water does not feel “slippery” so if you like and want to have the slippery feeling created when salt is added to your water a PolyHalt® saltless softener may not be for you.

Just as with salt-based softeners your water may still produce spots as it evaporates. Water spots after treatment with PolyHalt® will be much easier to clean, usually only requiring a simple wiping. Spots that are hard to clean after treatment indicate it is time to replace your filter.

Your water may be worse after treatment. This is a normal effect of using PolyHalt® as it begins to loosen and clean away existing scale buildup in plumbing pipes and fixtures. This is a temporary condition that usually stops after 30 to 60 days ending when existing buildup is cleaned up.

The new complex made by the binding of PolyHalt® with minerals is strong and stable at temperatures less than 140° F. and will not break down or revert over many months or even years.

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