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Replacement Filter for ICS-S5 Multimicron Sediment Filter


Item Number: ICS-S5K

Whole House Water Filter For;

  • Removing sediment and particles to clarify water
  • Filtering oxidized (colored) iron and manganese
  • Protecting downstream water treatment processes such as
    • Salt-based water softeners
    • Ultraviolet light disinfection systems


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The Cascadian ICS-S5K is the replacement filter for the ICS-S5 Multimicron Sediment Filter System.

Download and Print Specifications

The ICS-S5K filter is made specifically for the Cascadian ICS-S5 filter system. The ICS-S5K Multimicron Sediment Filter removes sediment and particles to clarify your water and protect downstream water treatment systems, appliances, and processes. This ICS-S5K has a very high sediment holding capacity and is an excellent choice for a prefilter to ultraviolet disinfection systems. Multimicron sediment filter system details

  • Cleaner clearer water with sediment and particles down to 5 micron removed
  • Long lasting true depth filter technology
  • Resistant to bacteria, will not rot or decay causing foul odors, bad taste and potentially harmful conditions
  • Small size
    • 20 times smaller than typical backwashing filter systems
    • Does not take up valuable floor space – system hangs on the wall
  • No power required
  • Produces no waste water
    • No backwash or regeneration cycles
    • Save 10,000± gallons of wastewater per year
  • Simple annual maintenance
    • Annual filter change
    • Includes drain on filter housing for clean no spill easy filter changes
  • An excellent choice as a prefilter to ultraviolet disinfection systems

Other Products to consider: To add treatment for hardness, iron and more consider the ICS-SPK. Warning in the State of California;    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


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ICS-S5K Cascadian Sediment Filter Replacement Cartridge Kit

Dimensions: 4.5″ x 20″ (fits industry standard 4.5″ x 20″ housings)
Max. Filter Life: 12 Months
Best Treatment Flow: NA
Max. Flow: 15 gpm
Max. Pressure: 90 psi
Max. Temperature: 100° F
Number of Filters: 1


Raw Water Parameters / Conditions for Operation

Bacteria: None Allowed
Chlorine: NA
Colloidal Iron: NA
Hardness: NA
Hydrocarbons, oils, or lubricants: None Allowed
Hydrogen Sulfide: None Allowed (use ICS-H to remove)
Iron & Manganese (Clear Only):  NA
Iron & Manganese (Colored): <3 ppm
Iron Bacteria: None Allowed
Organic Iron: None Allowed
Sediment: >5 micron
Silica: NA
Tannin / Organics: None Allowed
Turbidity: Less than 1 NTU

Notes for all ICS systems:

  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “NA” the systems will not affect and is not affected by concentrations of that parameter typically found in drinking water
  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “None Allowed” Remove through adequate pre-treatment
  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “Not for extreme levels” The cartridge useful life may be shortened and require more frequent replacement.
  • Extreme levels of any parameter may shorten useful cartridge life
  • Stated “Max Capacity” may be reduced by overall raw water chemistry

ICS-S5k Whole House Water Filter Replacement Kit

Water passes through a high capacity, high efficiency multimicron sediment filter to reduce visible sediment and particles. This filter a specially designed high sediment holding capacity for long life with lower pressure drop and is not susceptible to microbiological growth.

How to change your filter

How to change your filter cartridge


How to find your system model number

“I can tell you when I do my water sample and I get my suggested things they will almost always go to the ICS series…they’re easy to put in…they like them, the plumbers do, they really do.”

~ Pam – Wholesale Distributor, Sequim, WA.


“In all honesty my customers love it, that’s why they keep coming back and getting more and why they keep recommending it to their new customers. If I could just deal with this kind of stuff all day it’d be great days.” 

~ Charles – Wholesale Distributor, Port Orchard, WA.

“I will continue to recommend Cascadian to anyone, they stand behind their product.”

~ Stephanie Wall – An ICS User, Entiat, WA.


“I have used a lot of filtration company’s products over the last 15 years, some were terrible, some were not so bad however; none of them have as complete of a package of products like Cascadian Water does.  They can recommend EXACTLY what it will take to fix the customer’s water problems right from the start, not just throwing equipment at the problem till it is satisfactory. No matter what water I come up against I know (Cascadian Water) has a solution for it. Example ‐ SuperTrap‐UF, nobody else has anything even close to what it can do for that price range, I hope to sell many more of them.”

~ Brady Denlinger ‐ Excel Plumbing, Ellensburg, WA.

  “Even with a comprehensive salt water softener and filter system I often got complaints from my renters regarding the well water for my rental property. There was staining, hardness and build-up as well as complaints about sediments on and off. Since we installed the CASCADIAN WATER FILTERS everyone is happy with the water quality and I finally don’t have complaints anymore. This is a huge stress reduction for me and as a health practitioner I feel good about providing healthier water.” “Thanks for your product, it made a big difference!”

~ Anni Rychtera – An ICS User, Vernon B.C., Canada


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