ICS-TP Cascadian Taste & Odor Filter with PolyHalt Water Softener Filter
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ICS-TP; Taste & Odor Filter with PolyHalt Saltless Water Softener

Point of Entry Water Treatment For;

  • Unpleasant chlorine taste & odor
  • Hard water – white spots, hard scale buildup, gray dingy hard laundry
  • Staining – red/orange, brown/black, blue/green
  • Low pH
  • Appliance protection
  • Silica etching and pitting


Includes First Cartridge Filter Kit (a $266 value)

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3rd party NSF approved PolyHalt and system components Independent 3rd Party Certified

See Filter Replacement Kit



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Product Description

Since being introduced in 2011 the Cascadian ICS-TP water treatment system is one of our most popular systems.

Typical application = City and other chlorinated water supplies

Benefits Include:

  • Salt free eco-friendly treatment
    • Save 30± bags of salt and 10,000± gallons of waste water per year
  • Small size
    • 20 times smaller than typical salt softener
    • Does not take up valuable floor space – system hangs on the wall
  • Simple annual maintenance
    • Includes drain on filter housing for clean no spill easy filter changes
  • Better tasting and smelling water
  • Chlorine removal
  • PolyHalt® soft water;
    • Easier cleaning and maintaining of home or business
    • Brighter, whiter, softer laundry
    • Soaps, shampoos, conditioners etc. will work better and you will use less
    • No slippery or slimy feeling
    • Low annual maintenance
  • Legal – not to any regulations banning or restricting salt softeners



  • POE – Point of Entry treatment for whole home or business
  • Chlorinated city or well water with taste & odor problems
  • Hard water problems
  • Low pH and aggressive waters
  • Silica problems
  • Appliance protection


Other Products to consider:

The ICS-TP is great all around treatment so long as you don’t need sediment / particle filtration.

To add sediment / particle filtration consider the ICS-STP. The ICS-STP is a compact double filter system and adds a high capacity sediment filter to the ICS-TP.

If you have  H2S hydrogen sulfide rotten egg odor you need the ICS-H water treatment system.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 8 x 8 in

ICS-TP Taste & Odor Filter with PolyHalt Saltless Softener

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 26.5″
Connection Diameter:
System Drain: 1/4″
Max. Capacity: 
12 Months
Max. Flow: 15 gpm
Max. Pressure: 90 psi
Min. Temperature: 40° F
Max. Temperature: 100° F
Number of Filters: 1
Includes Filter Housing Drain

Download and Print Specifications


  1. Included bottom drain makes changing filters simple, easy and quick
  2. This unit replaces the older part number ICS-TP12
  3. If you have and ICS-TP12, use replacement cartridge kit – ICS-TPK.  For future reference please note changes on your filter system
  4. If your ICS-TP12 is a 2 filter version you will have one empty housing. Replace spent cartridges with new cartridges leaving the last housing empty


General PolyHalt® Notes;

  • Just like salt based softeners, there will be spots but any spots will be easier to clean.
  • Water will not feel slippery or slimy with PolyHalt® a softener like it does with a traditional salt softener
  • Hardness test results will be equal pre & post treatment. PolyHalt® makes hardness harmless without removal.
  • Water could be worse after install while plumbing is being cleaned. May need to clean aerators, showerheads etc.


Click / Press Here to View Installation Instructions

Raw Water Parameters / Conditions for Operation

Hardness: Max 25 grains (427 ppm)
Hydrocarbons: None Allowed
Hydrogen Sulfide: None Allowed (use ICS-H to remove)
Iron & Manganese (Clear Only): <6 ppm combined
Iron & Manganese (Colored): <0.3 ppm
Iron Bacteria: None Allowed (use ICS-IB to remove)
pH: Between 6.0 and 8.5
Sediment: 5 micron
Silica: <100
Tannin: None Allowed
Turbidity: Less than 1 NTU

Notes for all ICS systems:

  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “N/A” the systems will not affect and is not affected by concentrations of that parameter typically found in drinking water
  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “None Allowed” Remove through adequate pre-treatment
  • If Raw Water Parameter Condition for Operation = “Not for extreme levels” The cartridge useful life may be shortened and require more frequent replacement.
  • Extreme levels of any parameter may shorten useful cartridge life
  • Stated “Max Capacity” may be reduced by overall raw water chemistry

PolyHalt® is a fantastic problem solver, it works by attaching to and forming a complex with metals that are dissolved in water. These metals include calcium and magnesium which make up hardness and iron and manganese which cause staining. This complexing process is more commonly known as sequestration. Once sequestered with PolyHalt® the metals have new properties including the inability to react further, they will not be able to stain, bind with soaps or form hard scale deposits.

Without using salt, power or producing waste water PolyHalt® treated water, in many ways, behaves as though the metals are not present at all. Your PolyHalt® treated water will not stain, soap scum will not form on tubs, showers and sinks and water spots will easily clean up. PolyHalt® will also prevent blue/green staining caused by copper and etching and pitting caused by silica.

One difference between salt softened and PolyHalt® treated water that you need to be aware of is how the water “feels”. Unlike salt softened water PolyHalt® treated water does not feel “slippery” so if you like and want to have the slippery feeling created when salt is added to your water PolyHalt® may not be for you. Maximum service life is 1 year and may be less depending on your water quality and the volume of water treated.

The taste and odor filter is a specially designed activated carbon filter that improves water quality by filtering out objectionable taste and odors including those caused by chlorine. Your water will be much more pleasant to drink and cook with and to bath in. The filter is not recommended as stand-alone treatment for hydrogen sulfide, rotten egg smell or for waters containing chloramine. Maximum service life is 1 year and may be less depending on your water quality and the volume of water treated.

Taste and odor filters with PolyCor® use PolyHalt® in the core of the filter to provide all the benefits of the taste and odor filter and PolyHalt® in a single cartridge. Maximum service life is 1 year and may be less depending on your water quality and the volume of water treated.

How to change your cartridge


How to find your system model number


“I’ve never gotten one back, I’ve never had a complaint. When they go to install one, I say now, if you have a salt system you probably won’t be happy just because the waters not going to be that slimy feeling, if you’re used to one thing it’s not going to be that way.” 

~ Kelsey – Wholesale Distributor, Walla Walla, WA.


“I can tell you when I do my water sample and I get my suggested things they will almost always go to the ICS series…they’re easy to put in…they like them, the plumbers do, they really do.”

~ Pam – Wholesale Distributor, Sequim, WA.


“In all honesty my customers love it, that’s why they keep coming back and getting more and why they keep recommending it to their new customers. If I could just deal with this kind of stuff all day it’d be great days.” 

~ Charles – Wholesale Distributor, Port Orchard, WA.


“Great assistance from the company and very glad to see these products available. It seems expensive (and it is) but the fact that we don’t have to buy and hassle with salt and we don’t have to change them every couple months justifies the cost. The performance of these filters far exceed the previous salt filters I once used. We had this filtering system going on 2 years now and not one problem. A little piece mind goes a long way when you are a new homeowner.”

~ Vanessa Will

“My ICS product is great, it's very effective fixing my hardness problems. My water tastes great too. The system is small, salt-less and doesn't require a drain.”

~ Richard Dievendorff – An ICS User, Oak Harbor, WA.

“I will continue to recommend Cascadian to anyone, they stand behind their product.”

~ Stephanie Wall – An ICS User, Entiat, WA.


“After using a salt-based water softener for over 30 years, I prefer the Cascadian system because it does not leave a slimy feel after showering, improves the taste of the water, and I no longer have to haul heavy bags of salt.  The product does all that, and takes about 1/4 of the space, and half the cost of the Culligan System that it replaced“.

~ Suzette Thompson – An ICS User, Richland, WA.

“I was having problems with iron and manganese staining…The folks at Ace Hardware recommended a plumber who told me about the ICS treatment systems. I really think the ICS is the best technology available. I really like that the treatment is salt-less, doesn't require a drain and is low maintenance. My ICS system removes a great volume of iron. I love the fact the product is American Made. I give this product a rating of 10, I recommend the ICS product.” 

~ Kenneth Cadwallader – An ICS User, Ellensburg, WA.


“…I was having problems with iron and manganese staining, it had a bad taste and it didn't smell very good. My ICS system is "extremely effective and is well designed". I would highly recommend this water treatment system for both water quality as well the prevention of mineral buildup in your plumbing and fixtures".

~ Matt Newell – An ICS User, Wauconda, WA.


“After doing some research I began installing your product line and got very good responses. I have been installing NuvoH2O for years and no longer do so, your system does so much more than just removing hard water.

I bought a home this summer and installed one of your cartridge style systems in it. My wife has very long hair that drops below her waistline and has always used tons of conditioner. I told her she should not need to use as much now. She didn't cut back until she was almost ran out of it and to her surprise found she cut it back by at least 70 percent the same held true for other soaps in the kitchen and laundry room .

What I noticed the most was no more bad tasting water, we don't buy bottled water anymore .

I had a doctor client who had bad hard water problems, I recommended a Cascadian system to him and he wanted it, when I went back a couple days later to install it he put the brakes on the job till I could explain how it worked. He didn't want to drink anything that might be harmful to him or his wife. I explained how the phosphate sequesters the hard water and passes through the system, he thought about it for a few minutes and told me to go ahead that phosphate posed no problems at all.

A week after installing it he called me and said he was very pleased with his new system. The day after it was installed he cleaned all the hard water deposit off of his coffee pot, normally it would be back after its first use. He hasn't seen any yet and thanked me for telling him about it.

I would recommend your line to everyone. Thank you for providing great systems at a very good and competitive pricing.  PS – Thank you and your company for answering all my questions and those of my clients who called you direct at your company.”

~ Keith McClure – Evans Plumbing, Sun Valley, ID

“I have used a lot of filtration company’s products over the last 15 years, some were terrible, some were not so bad however; none of them have as complete of a package of products like Cascadian Water does.  They can recommend EXACTLY what it will take to fix the customer’s water problems right from the start, not just throwing equipment at the problem till it is satisfactory. No matter what water I come up against I know (Cascadian Water) has a solution for it. Example ‐ SuperTrap‐UF, nobody else has anything even close to what it can do for that price range, I hope to sell many more of them.”

~ Brady Denlinger ‐ Excel Plumbing, Ellensburg, WA.

“I have had the Cascadian water treatment system installed in my home for about 6 months now…our entire family feels that the (water) taste is significantly improved…My husband also feels like the hardness of the water has improved how his eyes feel after taking a shower…previously found that his eyes were bloodshot and bothered by the hardness.”

~ Sherry Erickson

“…the water system you installed for us is working very well…Our water is very clear and soft, tastes good and the dishes and clothes are clean and white."

~ Pat and Aileen – An ICS User


“We love the Poly Halt!”

~ Alan Hanna – Safe Water Technologies West, Spokane, WA.

“….I am pleased to report that the wife is pleased with what the TP unit has done with our water quality in our personal home.”

~ Matt Dorsett – Campbell and Company, Pasco, WA.

"Is this Normal?" Todd sent this picture because he was concerned something might be wrong. Both these filters are ICS-TPKs but the one on the left is about 18 months old and the one on the right is brand new. Todd's water supply comes from the City of Mesa, AZ. where hardness ranges from 12 - 22 grains per gallon. The city does not list other common water elements such as iron. Click / Press here to see the city's full reports. Todd has a household of 4.

Todd's ICS-TP Testimony;

"I figured it was time to change my filter when I began to smell a little bit of chlorine. I also discovered that when the Cascadian filter is functioning normally you need to clean the toilet more often because the filter removes the chlorine, that's my personal barometer. " "The shower, dishes, the stuff that's noticeable - the filter makes my life much easier. Dishes are cleaner, shower doors are easier to keep clean, I've always squeegeed the shower everyday but that task is much easier with the Cascadian in place." "It might have been 18 months and I'm a family of 4 so I'm sure I got the full use out of that cartridge. We drank that water and cooked with it for 27 plus years prior to the filter and that's scary." Click/Press here to learn all about the Cascadian ICS-TP.

~ Todd Bakken – Is this Normal? An ICS-TP and ICS-TPK Testimony, Mesa, AZ.

"First of all thank you for responding to my inquiry so quickly. I really appreciate working with prompt people and companies that realize time is valuable.  We at Grizzly Plumbing have been very pleased with Cascadian Water. We mainly install the ICS-TP water filters. But we have had wonderful feed back from our customers. We installed one where the sulphur smell and taste was completely neutralized by the filter. It was so bad the odor could be detected all over the home when the water was ran. Right after I installed the filter I tried the water from the hose and could not taste the sulphur at all.  We also installed one at a duplex to replace the salt water softener. The landlords tenants have been extremely pleased with the switch." Click/Press here to learn all about the Cascadian ICS-TP;

~ Jason Te Slaa – Grizzly Plumbing, Great Falls, MT.

O3 Water Systems, Inc.
“Limited” CASCADIAN® Integrated Cartridge Solutions

Water Treatment System Warranty

During the time periods and subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth, O3 WATER SYSTEMS, will repair or replace to the original user or consumer, any portion of your new ICS (Integrated Cartridge Solutions) system which proves defective due to defective materials or workmanship of O3WS. Warranty period is 10 years from date of installation. At all times O3WS shall have and possess the sole right and option to determine whether to repair or replace defective equipment, parts, or components. Damage due to conditions beyond the control of O3WS is NOT COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY.

LABOR, ETC., COSTS: O3WS shall IN NO EVENT be liable for cost of removal, installation, transportation, or any other charges which may arise in connection with a Limited Warranty claim.

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RETURN OF REPLACED COMPONENTS: To obtain specific performance under this Limited Warranty, the defective product must be returned freight prepaid to O3WS in Cle Elum Washington or other such place as O3WS may designate together with proof of purchase, installation date, failure date, and supporting technical data.

PRODUCT IMPROVEMENTS: O3WS reserves the right to change or improve its products or any portions thereof without being obliged to provide such change or improvement of units sold and/or shipped prior to such change or improvement.

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