Will PolyHalt® harm my reverse osmosis unit?

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis Systems Work Better and Longer with PolyHalt®

No, PolyHalt® will not harm the membrane in your reverse osmosis unit. PolyHalt® forms a very strong ion bond with minerals creating a new complex. Because the complex created when PolyHalt® bonds with minerals in water is so strong it is not broken during membrane filtration. Also, the mineral complex is physically larger than untreated minerals alone. This stronger and larger complex improves membrane treatment systems. Because the complex is rejected at the membrane surface minerals do not enter the membrane unable to foul. 

We have dealers that use PolyHalt® upstream of every reverse osmosis system. This is because they have found PolyHalt® makes their membrane systems function better and longer. Membrane systems using PolyHalt® require less maintenance and pass more water between services or membrane and filter replacements.

PolyHalt® ion bond water softening prior improves membrane filtration of all types and sizes. It is important to verify the flow rate required by the membrane does not exceed that of the chosen PolyHalt® ion bond softener.

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