Will I still have hard water spots after water softening?

Faucet with hard water spotsWhen softening water for drinking or domestic purposes there is no true “spot-free” water softening solution. Technically the hard water spots we are talking about are “evaporative spots”. Evaporative spotting occurs when water containing minerals evaporates off a surface. When water containing minerals evaporates the minerals (harness, salt, iron etc.) concentrate and form a spot. 

So, even after softening you may still experience “hard water” spots. The difference between softened and hard water is that the spots are much easier to clean when they do form. The best way to avoid hard water spots is to simply wipe up any standing water before it evaporates.

To be clear, there are treatment techniques and process for treating hard water that result in spot free water but the water is not suitable for drinking or domestic use.

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