Which ICS water filtration and softening system do I need?

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To answer this you must identify your water treatment problem(s). Some problems are easy to identify, such as chlorine or rotten egg taste and odor, or iron staining. Other problems are more difficult to identify and will require a water test. We have a variety of water filtration systems designed to treat all the different problems you may be facing. You may need more than one treatment system to fix all the different problems with your water.  Water can be complex but you will get your water fixed.

You may have city water and simple problems such as chlorine and hardness. If you know the water problem you are facing, please go to our Products page and filter by the water issues you are experiencing.

If you need a water testing kit, you can purchase one from us and we will test your water to figure out the best water treatment system for you. If there are health and safety concerns, please have a certified lab do your water test.

What is PolyHalt CTA.

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