What do I do with the home water quality test kit?

home water quality test kit
A small bottle can provide a lot of information.

After purchasing a home water quality test kit, you will follow the enclosed instructions to take a sample of your water. Please note: we will refund the cost of the home water quality test kit. All you have to do is apply your coupon code when purchasing the recommended treatment. 

You will answer questions to provide specific details about your water problems. We want to know things we can’t test for. We want to know what you see, smell or taste and whether or not the water is consistent throughout the year.

You will then return the sample and questionnaire to us via USPS or UPS with the provided box.

Once we receive your water sample and completed information form we will test the water. We will record test results along with any specific details or answers your provided on the questionnaire that comes with the kit.

All available information is used to recommend a treatment designed specifically for your water problems. We will email you the results and recommend treatment. You can expect your test results and recommendation for treatment products within 2 work days after we receive the sample.

You will contact us with any questions you might have and when you are ready purchase your new water treatment system.

If we have any questions we will contact you.

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