What contaminants do you test for in the home water quality test?

Home Water Quality Test
Should I test my water?

We test for common water contaminants (iron, manganese, hardness, pH and total dissolved solids) in the water quality test. We also test for things most laboratories do not including turbidity, tannins and oxidation / reduction potential. These are very important items to test for especially if your water comes from a well. Often overlooked and not considered they therefore cause system failure. 

We are not a certified test laboratory. Our test services are courtesy only. For any safety or health-related contaminants (arsenic, lead, bacteria, etc.) you will have to the tests done a certified lab. Your local health district is a great place to find out what certified labs are in your area.

Send us your results from that lab test and we can recommend the best treatment based on the information provided and our water quality test kit. If you need us to test your water Click here to get a water quality test kit.  Please note: we will refund the cost of the home water quality test kit. All you have to do is apply your coupon code when purchasing the recommended treatment. 

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