I already have a water quality test. Which treatment do I need?

Water Test Sample Bottle and Information Form; Water quality test
A small bottle can tell a lot of information.

If your water does not come from a private well it may be easy to recommend treatment without further testing. If you already have a water quality test or a water quality report we may be able to recommend treatment. We will study the results and recommend the best treatment for your water.

If your water comes from a private well we will need to test your water before we can recommend treatment. We test for things most laboratories do not including turbidity, tannins and oxidation / reduction potential. These are very important items to test for especially if your water comes from a well. Often overlooked and not considered they therefore cause system failure.  If you already have a water test please provide a copy with your water sample and information form.

If you need us to test your water Click here to get a water quality test kit. Please note: we will refund the cost of the home water quality test kit. All you have to do is apply your coupon code when purchasing the recommended treatment. 

Please note that we might need more tests or additional information to make a complete and accurate recommendation. We will contact you if needed.

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