Do tannins affect the PolyHalt® water softening system?

Tannins stain dishwasher before treatmentThe short answer is maybe. There is an untold number unique tannins and some do indeed prevent PolyHalt® from working as well as it should. If they are in your water you must run a trial to determine they are not a problem. When present performance is not guaranteed.

To be safe, as a rule we do not recommend using PolyHalt® treatment in waters containing tannins.

What are Tannins?

They are acids formed when vegetable matter rots and decays. They can cause water to be colored but may also be clear, can stain and they cause most types of water treatment to under perform or even fail. Tannic and fulvic acids can be found in surface or ground water and cause water treatment to fail because they stick to filtration media coating it so it can not work.

Testing for them is really important if your water comes from a private well or other rural sources. Most laboratories do not test for them as part of routine testing, you must ask for the separate test. We do test for them as part of our standard test kit, click here to have Cascadian test your water.

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