What is the PolyHalt® salt free water softening system?

3rd party NSF approved PolyHalt and system components


PolyHalt® changes the water treatment industry

PolyHalt® is an effective replacement for salt-based ion exchange softening. The PolyHalt® salt free water softening system uses ion bonding to soften your water. In contrast to conventional salt-based ion exchange softeners ion bond softening does not use salt or produce waste water. Therefore a PolyHalt® softener is much better for our environment. 

Compared to salt-based ion exchange softener everything is simpler with a PolyHalt® ion bond softener. No complicated system set up or control valve to program and consequently no need to be a water treatment specialist. Because ion bond softening does not produce waste water it does not need a drain. A result of not needing a drain is that installation is simple as it gets and much faster. Furthermore, you have more options as to where to locate your softener. 

A PolyHalt® treatment system includes everything needed to treat your water. A system includes one or more filters, housings, wrenches, o-rings and lubricant. Optional installation kits, leg kits and bottom drains are also available.

PolyHalt® is based on naturally occurring  phosphorous. Other benefits of PolyHalt® include that it is tasteless, odorless and colorless. Cascadian Water manufactures PolyHalt® which is independently 3rd party certified by NSF safe for treating drinking water. As a result, PolyHalt® salt free water softening systems are approved for use where salt-based ion exchange systems are banned. If you live in California or other places where salt-based softeners are banned a PolyHalt® ion bond softener if for you. If you would like to know more about Cascadian’s PolyHalt® technology click here.

Select environmental benefits of PolyHalt®

Salt-based ion exchange water softening systems use around 30 bags of salt and about 10,000 gallons in water waste a year. Consider this; after 15 years of use a single salt-based ion exchange softener could use 450 bags of salt (7.5 pallets) and waste 150,000 gallons of water. In contrast ion bond salt-free water softening is far more economical and eco-friendly way to soften your water.

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