What is Cascadian’s PolyCor™ technology?

PolyCor™ technologyDeveloped by Cascadian Water,  PolyCor™ technology is a major contributor to the eco-friendly nature of ICS water treatment systems. PolyCor™ technology provides a secure way to place PolyHalt® within the core of another filter. PolyCor™ reduces the total number of filters in a system while providing the same water quality.

For example; let’s say you have chlorinated city water that is also hard. Before PolyCor™ the treatment system was a double filter housing. One filter removed the chlorine. The second filter softened with PolyHalt®. With PolyCor™ technology treatment requires one less filter. Only one filter is required to do both, remove chlorine and soften the water.

Reducing the number of filters required to make complete treatment keeps the system cost down and reduces the size of the system too.

The first treatment systems were built using PolyCor™ technology in 2013. As a result, older Cascadian water treatment systems required an extra cartridge. With PolyCor™, treatment systems now require one less cartridge, meaning some 2- and 3-filter systems have one fewer filter and now use 1 or 2 filters respectively.

If you happen to have an older Cascadian system that has 2 or 3 housings you will have one empty housing with the new replacement filter kit. You can leave the empty housing empty without affecting treatment. Certainly, you may choose to add and additional filter for added treatment. Contact us with any questions.

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