How do I do the soap test to find if my saltless water softener is still working?

You can do this simple test to determine if there is still adequate PolyHalt® in your water treatment system. The soap test compares the amount of soap suds that form in the untreated water to the treated water.

To perform the soap test:

  1. Get two clean water bottles with lids (about 20 oz each).
  2. Fill one of the bottles half-full with untreated water and the other bottle half-full with PolyHalt® treated water.
  3. Add one small drop of liquid dish soap to each bottle and cap tightly.
  4. Vigorously shake both bottles then set side-by-side to compare the amount of soap suds.
  5. If the treated water forms much denser suds and fills or nearly fills the bottle with suds, your PolyHalt® cartridge system is working. Yay!
  6. If the two bottles have nearly the same amount of suds, it is time to replace your PolyHalt® system cartridge(s).

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