How does the PolyHalt® salt free water softener work?

What is PolyHalt

The PolyHalt® salt free water softener works by forming a permanent ion bond and new complex with hardness minerals. Because of ion bonding with PolyHalt® hardness minerals no longer behave hard and remain in the water.  Compared to salt-based ion exchange softening PolyHalt® ion bond softening is a simple process without the complications of removing the minerals to soften the water.

Minerals that are able to bond with PolyHalt® include hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) and clear or soluble iron and manganese. 

How does the behavior of ion bonded minerals change?

  • hardness (calcium and magnesium) minerals; bonded hardness minerals do not behave hard, for instance
    • they can not form scale
    • they do not react with soap to form a curdy precipitate, soap scum or bathtub rings.
    • spots left after evaporation do not “stick” and are easy to clean
  • clear iron; clear iron complexed with PolyHalt® will not oxidize with oxygen in the air
    • iron will not turn red / orange
    • will not stain red / orange
  • clear manganese; clear manganese complexed with PolyHalt®  will not oxidize with oxygen in the air
    • manganese will not turn brown / black
    • will not stain black / brown



PolyHalt® Out performs Salt-Based Softeners and other Salt Free Options

Cascadian’s PolyHalt® is designed to treat other water quality problems at the same time it softens water. In addition to salt free softening PolyHalt® has the added benefit of being able to treat these water quality problems;

  • low pH – often causes blue / green stains
  • low TDS (total dissolved solids) / aggressive water  – often causes blue / green stains and premature failure of hot water heaters and other water using appliances.
  • silica etching and pitting of glass, windows, shower doors, etc. – silica permanently etches glass. Silica etching, often in the form of circular spots that can’t be removed with cleaning chemicals, destroys clear glass.


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