What flow rate can I expect from my PolyHalt® water softener?

Shower flow rateCascadian PolyHalt® whole home salt free water softeners have a maximum flow rate of 15 gpm (gallons per minute). Of course you will get the best treatment at more moderate flow rate of 5-8 gpm or less.

How much water is 15 gpm?

Typical residential flow rates are as follows;

  • Bath Tub = 3 – 5 gpm
  • Bathroom sink faucet = 1-3 gpm
  • Kitchen sink faucet = 2-4 gpm
  • Shower head = 2-6 gpm
  • Outdoor hose bib = 2-6 gpm

Please refer to each product page for complete individual details. See all products here. If you are interested in more flow details look at flow verses pressure drop charts in the “CHARTS” tab on product detail pages. 

Do you have higher flow requirements ? The maximum flow rate of commercial high flow PolyHalt® softener systems is 500 gpm per unit.

Interested in learning more? What is PolyHalt CTA.

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