Do salt free water softeners work?

Ion Bond Softening is Way Cool Science

What is PolyHaltCascadian PolyHalt® Salt Free water softeners do soften your water.  

PolyHalt® water softeners use Ion Bonding to soften the water whereas conventional salt-based softeners use Ion Exchange to soften. 

One major difference between the PolyHalt® softener and conventional salt-based water softeners and is that PolyHalt® softens by forming a strong ionic bond with hardness minerals to change the way they behave. Once hardness minerals have bonded with PolyHalt® the treated water is soft. Hard water minerals have bonded and changed. Minerals are unable to cause hardness-related water quality problems.

With a PolyHalt® salt free softener hardness minerals remain in the water. The treated minerals are changed and no longer cause all the problems untreated hardness minerals do.  

A second major difference between ion bond and ion exchange softening is the way the softened water feels when rinsing soaps away. Ion bond softened water does not make you feel slippery or slimy when rinsing like salt-based ion exchange softening does.

For more details on PolyHalt® and how it works please see blog article What is PolyHalt and How Does it Work?”  To learn about testing for hardness and even more look for links at the end of the blog.

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