Get Natural Healthy Water

City Water Softeners for your Whole House

Salt-free | 10-min of maintenance per year | Easy to install

Sediment Iron Water Filter

For every Cascadian ICS Softener…

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Easy Installation

Light weight, wall mounted.


No Power, No Salt, No Drain Line

Why complicate things?

Legal Where Salt-Based Softeners are Banned

Approved for use where conventional salt-based softeners are banned (Not subject to any regulations banning or restricting salt softeners including those in California).

Reduce Mineral Deposits

As an added benefit, you’re plumbing and appliances will thank you!

See where Cascadian ICS systems are unique

Bottom Drain Kit

Easier filter changes, with less mess.

Broader pH Range

ICS systems work at a pH of less than 7.0

Treats Iron & Manganese

Whether it’s clear or colored, we’ve got you covered.

Stable Treatment Over Time

And not only time, but distance. So you get the best water, everywhere in your house.

Treat Silica Etching / Pitting

Keep replacing your glass… or fix the problem for good.

Handles Corrosive Water

Aggressive water conditions (even on city water) will cause serious long term effects.

100% Water Efficiency

No waste water, and full water pressure! Environmentally friendly!

PolyHalt Protects Pipes and Fixtures!

Our revolutionary PolyHalt® formula actually coats your pipes and fixtures to keep them stronger longer.

Autoship and Save!

Autoship program for peace of mind and  you’ll save money on each and every order!

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Point of Use Systems

POU - Point of Use Treatment Systems

Well Water – Whole House

POE - Well Water - Whole House Treatment

Business Softeners


ICS-CT35P PolyHalt Light Commercial Softener

Replacement Filters


Replacement Filters

Manuals & Guides


Manuals & Guides

The top 4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Water Softener

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