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Never be without the best water ever

Protect your Investment – Enjoy the Cascadian® Benefits

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Registration Benefits

  • Keep track of your purchase
  • Get perfect replacment parts and filters
  • Priority assistance from Cascadian® Support
  • Automatic Filter Change Reminder Email Service
  • Important product alerts and notifications
  • VIP access to exclusive deals and offers
  • First-To-Know updates on new product releases

Never be without the best water ever – Free Filter Replacement Reminder Email

  • As a service to our customers we will automatically send an email when it is time to change the filter(s) and we will tell you exactly which filters you need
  • If you provided installer email information we will include that information in the email and send your installer an email at the same time
  • If you don’t want to take advantage of the FREE service you can opt out at any time

If you bought your treatment system on this website:

  • Your system is automatically registered
  • You don’t have to complete this form or return the product registration card included with your system
  • You are automatically scheduled for our email reminder service. You can opt out of this service at anytime

This is the only form you need to complete – No need to complete Filter Change Service Form.

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