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Whether you are a plumber, water treatment pro, wholesale distributor or even looking for a great career drinking water treatment may be just the right business for you. Think about this; you get to make customers smile every day. You get to solve real problems for them and they are really happy you are there for them, it is really that simple.

Start with simple and effective treatment:

Imagine – smaller treatment systems that are easier to install, don’t use salt, power or need a drain and treat a wide variety of water quality problems. No moving parts, no controller needing programming or adjustment, no salt brine system to maintain, keep full or flood and many more benefits compared to traditional treatment systems. Our water treatment systems will bring you happy customers and more business.

Give customers what they want:

Simple, low cost and low maintenance solutions to their water quality problems.

Partner with a water treatment manufacturer with great support:

We work for you to grow your business. We offer product and sales training, brochures, onsite evaluation forms, customer referrals, service reminder email service, water testing and treatment recommendations and more. In short, we believe strong support makes for great relationships and good business.

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