About Cascadian Water

Cascadian water softeners and filters are manufactured by O3 Water Systems. Based in Cle Elum, WA., O3 Water Systems is a privately-owned and operated company that designs and manufactures water treatment systems. Most importantly, O3 Water Systems is focused on making people happy by solving their water quality problems. Markets served include residential, small business and commercial segments. Established in 1994, the company develops and manufactures original water treatment solutions under the names Cascadian®, Integrated Cartridge Solutions™ and PolyHalt®.

One of the more unique facts about O3 Water Systems is that it’s product line include both modern cartridge based treatment and the more familiar or traditional automatic systems. Having multiple product lines or types of treatment to solve problems is really unique and being able to use either to solve water quality problems is a win for customers.

Its line of Integrated Cartridge Solutions (ICS) is a modern approach to water treatment and is designed to provide flow rates to 35 GPM, is smaller than automatic solutions, does not require power, drain or salt and do not generate wastewater. ICS units provide an eco-friendly and much simpler to maintain alternative to traditional salt-based water treatment.

Cascadian’s fully-automatic products include OxiTRAP®, SuperTRAP®, SuperTRAP®-UF, ArsenicTRAP™, FluorideTRAP™, OrganicTRAP™ and Pinnacle™. Four recently-introduced new cartridge-based water treatment solutions for problematic contaminants in residential drinking water: hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, bacteria, iron bacteria.

This web site is deprecated to the ICS line of products. Cascadian Water also builds traditional fully-automatic water treatment systems such as salt softeners and iron filters. For information on the automatic systems please contact us or visit www.o3water.com.

Gabe Ergler, President

Gabe Ergler is a problem solver at heart. And he solves real problems. Water problems. He first experienced the impact that clean water solutions can have on peoples’ lives when he began installing treatment systems 22 years ago.

Since that time, he has worked as an installer, distributor, trainer, educator and, finally, as a consultant, visionary and product developer at the forefront of industry change. An advocate and an innovator, he has always believed the water treatment industry is open for change. Most recently, he is personally committed to being part of that change by designing creative and specialized treatment solutions.

Gabe has experienced the industry from every possible angle. In addition to a Business Administration degree, Gabe is also trained or certified as a Water Specialist, Water Works Operator, Water Distribution Manager and Backflow Assembly Installer and Tester. Consulted as an expert, his career has also included advisory work for industrial customers in the winery, brewing, fruit processing, food processing, paper, farming, marine animal, environmental and cosmetics sectors to help solve unique water treatment challenges.

Frequently tapped as a speaker or trainer

Gabe loves to share his passion for water treatment. He has presented to several organizations including the Oregon Ground Water Association, Washington Ground Water Association, Mountain States Ground Water Association. Every chance he gets Gabe presents and teaches to a wide variety of water system management companies, wholesale distributors at the regional, national and international level.

The Cascadian Brand and Products

As he continued to develop his industry expertise, Gabe also began developing his own products by combining the his experience and the best components available. A personal drive to make sure every customers’ water problem can be solved has led him to develop a line of specialized, proprietary products under the Cascadian® brand. The ever-evolving assortment of Cascadian Water products meet many different residential, commercial and industrial customer needs.

First, he created an improved version of the traditional systems that use tanks, media, control values and often require salt to regenerate. Unlike traditional water treatment solutions, however, Cascadian® fully-automatic products are very specialized. They are designed to do only one or two things and do them very well. This “riffle” approach to treatment greatly improves the success rate and leads to happy customers. Cascadian’s fully-automatic products include OxiTRAP®, SuperTRAP®, SuperTRAP®-UF, ArsenicTRAP™, FluorideTRAP™, OrganicTRAP™ and Pinnacle™.

Most recently Gabe and his team have developed an entirely new way to treat water that is efficient, effective and environmentally-friendly. The Integrated Cartridge Solutions (ICS) line of products from Cascadian® produce high quality water without salt, harsh chemicals, waste water or power. ICS treatment systems are available in a small package requiring simple annual maintenance. Gabe continues to further specialize the ICS products, recently introducing four new cartridge-based water treatment solutions for problematic contaminants in residential drinking water: hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, bacteria and iron bacteria.

As the water treatment industry continues to grow and change, Gabe will continue to ensure that every last customer can find a clear path to clean water.

Emily Niebuhr, Customer Service Manager

Emily Niebuhr is no stranger to hard work and knowing how to take care of customers.

Possessing the perfect background to support customers looking for water treatment solutions. Emily is a graduate of Central Washington University with a degree in Safety and Health Management where she was also a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers. She has spent her summers working in a sawmill to help pay for college and after graduation, worked in her parent’s wholesale food distribution business before moving to Cle Elum and joining Cascadian Water in 2012.

She joined Cascadian Water as Customer Service Manager, a role that has allowed her to gain immense product and industry knowledge in order to best serve customers. She recently expanded her responsibilities to include key aspects of the customer supply chain including operations.

Outside of work, Emily leads a very active lifestyle, which includes yoga, the thrill of snowmobiling, and travel, but nothing comes close to her love of horses. In addition, she also helps her husband with his electrical contracting business all while completing work on their first house.

She draws inspiration from her family, her parents and her husband, all of whom own their own businesses and work hard every day. She aspires to be like them ‐‐ working hard and showing people that she not only takes pride in her role and the company, but wants to make their water treatment buying experience a life changing one.

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