by Gabe Ergler
Water Treatment for Our Environment
June 22, 2021
Water Treatment for You and OUr Environment

4 (environmentally-friendly) facts you might not know about Cascadian systems 

At Cascadian, we take the long view for our customers and environment. 

Not only do we want to make sure our customers are still satisfied in the decades to come — which is why we’ve engineered systems that are less than half the size of salt-based softeners and only take a mere ten minutes of maintenance per year. 

But there’s something else. 

We know, as well as you do, that this plant is not just for us to use and abuse. We have to take care of it. 

And to that end, here are some things you might not know about our line of ICS systems: 

1) They use less material overall 

This is one of the hallmarks of products that don’t harm the environment. They’re simpler.  

But don’t mistake ‘simple’ for lesser 

It took us a long time to reduce the complexity, to test and hear feedback, and to look at how our products perform in the real world over a long periods of time. 

This is also why we don’t use salt. Salt requires constant refilling, stocking, and disposing of now salty wastewater. In other words, it’s a lot of work. And, not to mention, that salty wastewater is actually bad for freshwater ecosystems. 

Because of these reasons, we built our line of ICS products to use fewer materials overall, and that means our footprint is smaller. 

2) They use natural ingredients 

Our proprietary PolyHalt™ formula comes straight from nature.  

And, to the uninitiated, that might sound like it’s less effective. But the truth is we’ve found the opposite to be true.  

Harsh chemicals come in with a flash. At first, they seem to be doing a better job. But they’re destroying more than you might know. And overtime, you have to do more work by replacing your pipes, sinks, and glasses. Not to mention, you’re running those chemicals through your hair every day when you take a shower! 

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be like this. 

 We’ve found that if you can smartly apply the tools nature gives you, you’ll have a more effective product that is safer and even more sustainable over the long run. This was our motivation in creating PolyHalt. 

3) They are 99% recyclable 

There are a LOT of plastics on the market and our environment. From the biodegradable to the never-degradable. 

Conventional wisdom tells us that we as a society will fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. But the truth is, we haven’t. Our culture has leaned toward the never-degradable end of plastic production. And now, we are seeing how damaging that is. 

So when we created our ICS system, we chose a kind of plastic that could be recycled when its time comes. 

4) No power is required 

One of the benefits of using Cascadian to get clean, natural water in your home, is that our units are not only small (which means they can hang on a wall, out of the way), but they don’t require power.  

That means you don’t need to run a power line to support them. Nor do you need to pay for the extra electricity. (As an added bonus, if your electricity ever does go out, your water filtration won’t.) 

At Cascadian, we don’t believe you should have to sacrifice having clean, natural water, because you care about the environment. We believe you can have both. 

We have a growing knowledge base on our blog. It’s all about getting and keeping clean water in your home or business. Some is technical. So is not. Feel free to check it out! Here’s the link.

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