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ICS Part Number Cross Reference – What you need to Maintain your older ICS System
April 20, 2021
ICS Part Numbers

One of the ways we’ve made improvements over time

Always working to make things better often means changing things including ICS Part Numbers.

At Cascadian, we don’t like to change anything unless it needs it. That is, unless the new situation will be quite a bit different than the old way.

A big change for us came back in 2014 when we introduced PolyCor™ technology which allow for major advances to our ICS product line.


Cascadian PolyCor TechnologyWe consolidated our older systems, reducing the amount of parts needed. And also reducing the overall lineup — solving all the same water problems, just more efficiently! To reflect all the changes products brought about by implementing Cascadian’s advanced PolyCor™ Technology we had to change some of the ICS Part Numbers.

Here’s what these changes mean:

Replacement parts

When we combined and updated products, some of the SKUs (ICS Part Numbers) changed too. That’s not a big deal, since we still support those older products. But if you’re not sure which replacement filter you need, we created a handy page to help you.

New Part Numbers for Older ICS Systems

Environmental friendliness

By using fewer parts — and making other updates as well — we were able to make further progress toward our company goal of reducing environmental waste while still providing natural, comfortable water.

Customer ease

Because we reduced the amount of products to choose from, our customers don’t have to get quite as specific when choosing a product that will solve their water problems. Additionally, our newer line uses fewer replacement-filter parts. Making the maintenance that much easier.

One of our company values is transparency.

We say all this because we believe that an informed customer will make the best decisions. As much as we want to help in any way we can, we want you to have as many tools at your disposal to make smart choices.

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