by Gabe Ergler
Help! My water smells like rotten eggs!
April 19, 2021
slippery soft water rotten egg odor

Help! My water smells like rotten eggs! 

Theres a distinctive (and sometimes embarrassing) odor that can happen to your water. If youve ever smelled it, its hard to forget. You know the smell: equal parts terrible and rotten eggs. 

But its not actually rotten eggs. Really, the problem has a chemical cause. 

To better understand how to get rid of this smell, lets first look at where it comes from. 

Where does it come from? 

Simply put, the rotten egg smell is whats called hydrogen sulfide. And it exists naturally in groundwater. The short version is this: decaying plants create sulfur (in an oxygen-less environment). Then naturally preset bacteria feeds on that sulfur creating what we call hydrogen sulfide. 

Hydrogen sulfide can show up pretty much anywhere, even inside your own pipes. 

Is it harmful? 

Generally the answer is no. Of course, at high volumes it can be flammable and poisonous. But thats not usually what a homeowner is dealing with. Most of the time the negative side effects (other than the smell) show up as an irritation in your eyes, nose, or throat — similar to allergies. The tricky part here is that the symptoms can be delayed. 

So if youre experiencing these symptoms and your water has a rotten egg smell to it, then it might be time to get that checked out. 

And speaking of 

How can I get rid of Rotten Egg Odor? 

This is where it gets a little trickier. Not because its a hard problem to solve. But instead because there can actually be quite a few different variables (ranging from your waters pH, to the levels of iron and manganese present, along with other factors). And so how you treat the hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) will depend on which variables are present. 

It would be great if this was a simple to solve. But unfortunately, its one of natures more complex problems. 

However, at Cascadian we DO have a series of products that can certainly treat this problem for you. But given the complex nature, its best for us to talk through it together. It wont take long. Just give us a call at 509-674-4000 or email us at [email protected] Well make sure you find the right product. 

Check out the Rotten Egg Filter System: 

Sulfur Odor Filter System | Whole House

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