by Gabe Ergler
Clear Water Stains
February 3, 2021
Clear Water Stain Shower Door

Why do I have water stains when my water is clear? 

Here’s the thing about water stains… 

Even if the water coming out of your tap is clear, it can still cause stains. 

These stains can affect your porcelain sinks, faucets, and shower heads. Even your laundry can look dingy and your dishes spotted as a result. (And this is to not to mention your hair — sometimes it doesn’t matter what product you use in your hair if it’s your water that’s causing the problem!) 

Here’s what’s happening: 

In your water, there are certain minerals present. These minerals have dissolved, which is why your water is clear when you turn on the tap. But, while invisible, those minerals are still there.  

After your water dries, those minerals leave a hard residue behind, and that’s when you begin to see them. They can show up in a variety of colors, from yellow or brown, to green, blue, pink, and even white. As to the color, that just depends on the specific minerals floating around in your water. 

The good news is this is something you can fix. And it’s not even that hard. 

At Cascadian, we’ve spent the last several decades helping our customers solve their water problems. And in that time, water stains from clear tap water have been an issue we’ve seen a lot. So much so that we’ve created a filter specifically for it. 

It’s our ICS-P filter. (Here’s the link to see more details

Instead of telling you why our ICS-P is great (and we certainly believe it is!), let’s look at a quick and common example: 

White scale build-up and spots. 

This shows up in cloudy glassware or kitchenware and as foggy shower glass (the kind of fog that doesn’t go away when the water dries). You can also see it on your faucets — it’s that crusty white build-up. 

What’s going on here? 

Basically, this is hard water at work. In the case of white scale build-up, it’s calcium and magnesium flowing through your water. These are hard minerals. And they are particularly difficult to clean off — especially when you add more of them every time you turn on the tap. 

What is the fix for this?

There are two options. You can regularly remove the scale build-up. You may do this with heavy-duty cleaners. But you have to be careful, because these cleaners are strong for a reason. And they can easily damage the finish on your faucets or kitchenware. Not to mention, they still need a hefty amount of work from you in the form of scrubbing. 

But the biggest problem with this first approach is that you’re really just treating the symptoms. Not the underlying cause. And as a result, you’ll have to do this over and over and the problem never really gets fixed. 

The second approach — the one we recommend — is to stop the problem from happening. 

Pick up one of our ICS-P filters. They’re easy to install and easy to maintain. They require no electricity (or even a drain), and they’re eco-friendly. 

But perhaps the best benefit is that you won’t need to spend hours scrubbing and cleaning your surfaces — or be embarrassed by those ugly stains.  

We specifically designed it as a salt free system. So, you don’t have to buy or transport salt or store it, clean brine tanks, or worry about automatic system failure. Simply install one of our Integrated Cartridge Solutions (that’s what the “ICS” stands for) and your foggy glass will be foggy no more. It really works just like that. 

Kurt W from Olympia, Washington had their Cascadian ICS system for a little over a year when he wrote: “My wife and I love this system and how it has improved our water, highly recommend this!!” 

Natural soft water in your house really does make a difference. To your faucets, your kitchenware, and what your guests see. Even your hair will thank you! 

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