by Gabe Ergler
PolyHalt Video – Introducing The World’s Best Salt Free Softener
July 1, 2020
PolyHalt VIdeo

Introducing PolyHalt

The Worlds Best Salt Free Water Softener

Hard water is a real problem. Not only does it create extra work and chemicals to keep your home clean, but it ruins your appliances and clothes too.

Traditionally, salt-based treatments have been used to fix hard water.

But salt-based treatment comes with its own problems. What if we told you there was a less-expensive, longer lasting, and smaller-footprint option?

That’s what PolyHalt® is. It’s a water softener that costs less, lasts longer, and takes up less space.

Oh, and did we mention it’s completely safe?

Introduced in the Pacific Northwest in 2011, PolyHalt® salt free ion bond water softeners are now available across North America.

PolyHalt has proven to be the world’s best salt free water softener.

Try it today, and taste what people are talking about. Learn More at

What is a PolyHalt salt free ion bond softener?



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