What a fantastic workshop and trade show!

I’d like to personally thank everyone who attended my Ion Bond vs. Ion Exchange softening workshop at the National Ground Water Association annual convention and trade show in Las Vegas. Everyone had great questions and I’m sorry we ran out of time to answer them all. If anyone has any questions they still haven’t got answered please contact me.

Our booth at the trade show was really busy with people wanting to learn more about what ion bond softening is and how it softens water without salt. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share with so many at one time. All from Cascadian Water were pleased not only with the number of interested visitors we had but also that we were able to clarify and demystify the technology and explain how industry teachings are working to catch up to advances in modern water treatment such as ion bond softening.

We are also proud to have sponsored the Ground Water Foundation Scavenger Hunt. The Groundwater Foundation is a nonprofit organization operated by NGWA connecting people, businesses, and communities through local groundwater education and action, making everyone a part of the solution for clean, sustainable groundwater.

Even though we’ve been designing and building water treatment solutions for over 25 years and I’ve been teaching about water treatment just as long this was our first national trade show that we had a booth at and what an absolutely wonderful experience. Our goal for the booth was to educate industry professionals and help them understand how ion bond softening could easily be a part of their future business growth. We had tremendous interest as everyone was able to see how much easier our PolyHalt® salt free ion bond softeners were to explain, install and maintain without any specialized knowledge all the while being able to provide an eco-friendly solution. Many were pleased to learn there was a solution where salt-based softeners have been banned or just won’t fit in the space customers have available. All important considerations to bringing on a product for their customers.

The cat’s out of the bag, Cascadian PolyHalt® salt free ion bond softeners are no longer a nice little secret well known in the Pacific Northwest but not so much most other places. How exciting it is to see and hear the enthusiasm from around the country and abroad for our alternative to ion exchange salt-based softening. Everyone seems ready to accept an easier way to soft water and we’re ready to make their future happier and brighter while respecting our environment.

Tell us your story;

If you’re already enjoying your water treated with a Cascadian PolyHalt® salt free ion bond softener you’d like to share we’d all love to hear it. Here is a link to contact us.

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