by Gabe Ergler
Cascadian Water Expands into the Southwestern U.S.
June 11, 2019

It’s time the good people of the Southwest start enjoying their water!

Cascadian Water expands! Cascadian is bringing it’s eco-friendly, low maintenance salt free water softeners and filters to the Southwest states. Gabe Ergler, company president, says “it’s time the hard working families and businesses of the Southwest enjoy all the benefits of the next generation of water treatment that folks in the Pacific Northwest have enjoyed for years”.

Benefits of the next generation of water softeners when compared to current salt-based softener technology include:

  • Eco-friendly: no salt, no waste water, no power
  • Lower maintenance
  • Lower cost
  • No “soft water loop” required
  • Water is safe to drink, cook with, and water your plants, gardens, and lawns
  • Better taste
  • Silent operation
  • Smaller size

Why open a facility in the Southwest?

We believe strongly in building trusted relationships with our installers and customers. We know how important it is to have an actual physical presence in the area. Having a physical presence shows our commitment to the community. We also wanted to contribute to building a better community for families, especially children, and we just didn’t feel we could accomplish these important beliefs from our Northwest manufacturing facility over 1,400 miles away. This expansion will allow us to develop and service these important beliefs with a strong local presence. My wife and I have purchased a home in Mesa, AZ where we will be spending time as we work to build the relationships necessary for success in the Southwest U.S.

Our first warehousing facility has opened in Phoenix near Sky Harbor airport. We’ve partnered with Paramount Supply, a well established and trusted local warehouse with an excellent support team. Paramount Supply is stocking our ICS-TP which is one of our most popular salt free softeners and includes an integrated chlorine taste and odor filter. Paramount Supply is centrally located to the greater Phoenix Metro Area and is easily accessible from all directions. As an interesting side note, Paramount Supply traditionally services the industrial supply market, so the residential, commercial, and drinking water markets are new segments for them. Expansion into these new markets for Paramount Supply came about after the manager and lead salesman both purchased and installed the Cascadian salt free treatment systems in their own homes over 4 years ago. They have seen the systems work for themselves and believe so strongly in the potential positive impact for families, businesses, and the environment, that they are expanding the company service to include Cascadian Water Treatment for markets outside their norm. We are very grateful to be working with Paramount Supply to bring the next generation of water treatment to the Phoenix area.

Why the Phoenix Metropolitan Area?

Cascadian Water expands into the Phoenix metro area for sound business reasons and quite frankly, because the generally poor water quality across the area provides ample opportunity to improve lives by providing a much more eco-friendly solution. Did you know the salty waste water produced by salt-based softeners is really bad for our environment? (Read more about the ban here) In fact, salt-based softeners are being outlawed in many areas around the country and the trend is spreading as we learn how salt-based softeners affect our environment. In California for example, owners of salt-based softeners are being forced to remove them. Cascadian’s next generation water softeners are salt free and approved for replacement of these older technology salt-based softeners (Read more here).

Everyone we talk with in and around Phoenix talks about their water and unfortunately it isn’t good. They tell us how bad it tastes and that it destroys everything. It’s a pain to keep up with treatment, not to mention that it’s expensive. It’s hard work and no fun dealing with messy salt and high maintenance solutions. Our salt free systems make these problems a thing of the past. Our customers in the Phoenix area will have something new to talk about. They will be talking about how much they love their Cascadian Water Treatment System and the water they enjoy from it. We want to give families and businesses in Phoenix a positive way to enjoy their water while also doing something good for our environment.

ICS-TP salt free softener and chlorine filter for the whole home or business

Cascadian’s ICS-TP; eco-friendly salt free softener and chlorine filter for the whole home or business


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