Diagnosing your water stains:

Even if the water coming out of your tap is clear, it can still create stains around your home. Porcelain sinks, faucets, and shower heads can all show stains. Laundry can look dingy, dishes are spotted, heck even your hair can be affected by the contaminants in your water. The stains can be a variety of colors from yellow to brown, green, blue, pink, and white. It all depends on the minerals that are dissolved in your water. Red orange stains are most often caused by high levels of iron in your water but blue green stains can be a matter of  PH. What is true is that most stains regardless of the color are almost always due to water quality issues. Thankfully, our treatment systems can help with just about every one of those problems. Over the next few weeks we will be exploring different stains, what causes them, and how we can help you fix it.

White scale build-up and spots…

Since these are the most common water stain, we thought we would address this first. Foggy or cloudy glassware, shower doors, faucets, and dishes are almost always a result of hard water. High levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium are the culprit to causing hard water. Those minerals deposit on surfaces around your home and leave a hard, rock-like, white scale build-up, on fixtures. These are tough stains and can be extremely hard to remove. You can try cleaning them on a weekly basis. There is a myriad of “Cleansers” that with some time and elbow grease, will help remove these spots. Hopefully the abrasives and cleaners you use are safe and don’t scratch the surfaces of whatever you’re cleaning. Another option would be to our time saving method.

The Cascadian Solution:

The ICS-P is a salt free softener that is easy to install, easy to maintain, requires no electricity or drain, is eco-friendly and best of all, gives you back your life. You won’t spend hours scrubbing and cleaning your surfaces or be embarrassed by unsightly stains. There’s no need to pack salt, clean brine tanks, or worry about automatic system failure. Simply install one of Integrated Cartridge Solutions and you won’t have to worry about those foggy glasses, spotted dishes, or white stains. A fifteen-minute filter change once a year will keep your house free of stains, your laundry white and bright, and your glassware crystal clear. Not to mention ladies, your hair will be more manageable. Sound to good to be true? Don’t take our word for it, visit our website www.cascadianwater.com and read what your neighbors have to say about the ICS System.

“Have had our water system for a year now and just replaced our first set of filters. This system is amazing and has kept our well water so crystal clear!! My wife and I love this system and how it has improved our water, highly recommend this!!”

~ Kurt and Michelle W,  Olympia, WA.

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