by Gabe Ergler
Scale Control and Filter System for Hot Water Heaters
October 11, 2017

Do you have a hot water heater?

Most likely you do and if you live in an area where there is hardness or sediment in your water supply you need treatment to protect your investment and maintain your heater warranty. This is true for all hot water heaters but especially true for on-demand or tankless heaters.

You see, the reason these on-demand or tankless heaters are able to heat water as you are using it is because the water flows through very narrow channels so the heat from the flame outside the channel will rapidly transfer to the water causing it to heat up. These narrow channels are naturally subject to blockage from sediment and hard water scale deposits. Sediment and scale deposits prevent the water from flowing and heat from efficiently transferring to the water. The type and severity of blockage directly relates to heater service, and maintenance frequency. Untreated water may even lead to premature failure requiring a large investment in a replacement heater.

What can you do?

It is possible to “descale” the heater and remove hard water deposits. Depending upon how hard the water is where the heater is installed the heater may need to be descaled as often as every year. Descaling has been the “normal” method of dealing with hard scale buildup. Talk to your heater supplier about water quality in your area and how best to deal with it. Tell them you want to keep maintenance to a minimum and prevent premature heater failure.

There are other ways to prevent problems and maintain heater warranty requirements, you can treat the water. You can treat all of the water where the heater is located and enjoy quality water everywhere. The second option is to treat only the water going through the heater.  To treat just the hot water our ICS-SPU is perfect and to treat all the water our ICS-SP is an excellent choice.  Both systems filter sediment and soften the water with PolyHalt saltless technology. Either system can be purchased from your local plumber or online now.

Protect your investment, save money, maintain your heater warranty and enjoy your water.


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