by Gabe Ergler
Tis the Season…For SPRING CLEANING
April 7, 2017

If you’re like me you just got a little over zealous with planting and you’re not ready, but, have to move onto the less fun and more practical aspects of spring cleaning. Windows, decluttering, and that deep clean of every surface in your home (that’s the part I dread most).  Add some major or minor home improvements to that list and you’re entering the spring cleaning vortex that we all love to hate!

Untreated water can cause a major issue when it comes to spring cleaning. You may not realize it but, untreated water makes cleaning anything in your home harder than it needs to be.

As you get into your spring cleaning groove think of how much easier it could be with treated water. You will be spending less time scrubbing on those windows and hosing off your patio furniture.  Spring is the perfect time to get water treatment; since you’re already in cleaning and home improvement mode, why not add water treatment?

Adding a saltless softener to your home will make you happy year round but, it will make your spring cleaning go by much quicker! When you have untreated hardness in your water, it leaves spots on your windows, cars, and can leave white spots on your walkways in some extreme cases.  Water treated with a saltless softener like our ICS-SP or ICS-STP will leave your car shining, and your windows gleaming, because the spots are so much easier to clean up when they are treated!

Treated water also helps your soaps and detergent work harder than they could before when your water wasn’t treated.  This is where you save time and the skin on your fingers because you’ll be scrubbing less.

Do yourself or your significant other a favor and take the steps to getting your water treated.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Get ready to make spring cleaning quicker than ever.


The top 4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Water Softener

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