Let’s begin by talking about cars, computers and cell phones. The 1st thing I’d like to point out is this, all are well known. The 2nd thing is they mark significant historical changes to the Status Quo in their industries. The 3rd thing is that they changed lives in dramatic ways. The contribution they’ve made has had such an impact all are used to reference “the way things were” before they existed as in Before Cars, Before Computers and Before Cell phones. I call these B.C.’s for short.

No one doubts cars, computers and cell phones have changed our lives in significant and meaningful ways. Does this mean these changes were welcomed with open arms or that it happened overnight? Absolutely not, all were challenged by the establishment, the industries they affected and because of natural resistance to change by the very people who stood to benefit the most.

I would argue cars, computers and cell phones persevered because they represented real improvements. They solved problems, did things faster or made life easier or more enjoyable. Consider freedom to travel without having to feed and water horses, computer aided advances in medicine, modeling or video games, even the internet and being able to communicate via text, email or video.

What do Cars, Computers and Cell phones have to do with water treatment?

Each of these B.C.’s solved real problems and began new chapters in history. Recent innovations in water treatment, like cars, computers and cell phones, are challenging the status quo, solving problems in new ways, making our lives better and beginning a new chapter in an established industry and history.

Compared to today’s status quo, cartridge based water treatment is simple, small, eco-friendly, costs less and is requires very little maintenance. Furthermore, cartridge based treatment requires no power or salt, produces no waste water and is completely legal where salt based softeners are restricted or banned. These are some of the reasons the next B.C. may very well be Before Cartridge” based water treatment.

Just like it’s B.C. predecessors cartridge based water treatment is challenging an established industry and is meeting strong resistance. This challenge to the status quo will persevere because in many cases it is a better solution to real water quality problems. Who can say how long it will take for us to remember water treatment in a time Before Cartridges?

The ball is rolling

In March of 2011 Cascadian Water introduced its Next-Generation of water treatment; the ICS (Integrated Cartridge Solutions) cartridge based line of water treatment products with PolyHalt® saltless softeners, sediment and carbon filters. First focusing on the complex waters of the Pacific Northwest and now expanding to serve the United States and Canada.

Cascadian has expanded treatment capabilities to arsenic, bacteria, rotten egg odor and more. Cartridge treatment for flow rates of 100 gpm are now available. We’ve built a strong following among consumers and strategic plumber and distributor partners. Only time will tell how long till we all talk about water treatment Before Cartridges or even Before Cascadian.

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