In March of 2017 Cascadian Water celebrates the 6th anniversary since full market release of it’s wildly successful ICS (Integrated Cartridge Solutions) line of Next Generation water treatment products.

Yes, we still make and sell automatic salt based softeners, sediment filters, iron filters and the like. After all, one of the advantages of working with Cascadian Water is that we have just the right treatment for most any residential drinking water problem. Building both cartridge and automatic based water treatment systems sets us apart from every other water treatment systems manufacturer in the world. We are able to provide the most appropriate water treatment to solve customer problems from the widest range of products.

Cascadian ICS cartridge based treatment has proven very popular as an alternative to automatic systems. With an exceptional track record of success ICS has become the treatment of choice for more homeowners, plumbers and distributors. Our very popular PolyHalt saltless water softeners continue to be cornerstone of the ICS line.

Since the ICS line was introduced in 2011 we’ve added treatment for arsenic, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg), and iron bacteria. We’ve also added a higher flow light commercial cartridge series for bigger jobs like schools, hotels, casinos, bakeries, breweries, wineries and even dairies.

Other notable improvements since introducing the Cascadian ICS product line include:

  • Development of both product and sales training programs.
  • Re-building of to educate the public and our strategic partnerships with distributors and plumbers. Not only will you find product info but also selection guides and charts, site visit guides, customer testimonials, informative Blogs and much more.
  • Improved product brochures and specifications.
  • Automatic filter reminder service where we will send by email a friendly reminder when it is time to change your filter so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of ICS treated water.
  • Expanded distribution throughout the west and online.

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