Let’s recap: you realized something needed to change about your water, you procrastinated because it isn’t something you think about every day, you thought that someone else might take care of it for you, you realized that not getting having your water treated may cause more harm than good, and you decided to get your water tested.  Good news! You’re moving in the right direction.  You may be wondering, “Where do I go from here?” or “What’s Next?”.

Let’s explore what’s next.  You have your water test results right? Reading water samples can be tricky when they come from labs but, usually the water quality problems that were tested for are listed on the left hand side with the results listed somewhere to the right of that.  The result form will probably have the maximum contaminant level (MCL) listed.  The MCL is the most you can have of a contaminant before it should be treated.  Theoretically anything over the MCL should be treated.

Once you have deciphered which contaminants are at or above the MCL, you’ll know what needs to be treated and it’s easier to narrow down systems knowing that.  For fun, let’s take a look at my water test results and see what the recommendations are.

Contaminant MCL Result
Turbidity .3 NTU 1.36
Tannin/Lignin 1.0 mg/L 0.1
pH <6.8 or >8.5 8.9
ORP NA 229
Hardness 3 gpg 11
Total Iron .3 mg/L 0.82
Manganese .05 mg/L 0.047
TDS 500 mg/L 179
MCL -Maximum Contaminant Level
gpg – Grains Per Gallon
mg/L – Miligrams Per Liter
NTU – Nephelometric Turbidty Units


As you can see there are a few things wrong with my water, high turbidity, high pH, high hardness, and high iron.  Based on this I need to find something that can reduce all of these contaminants or at least treat these contaminants.  Based on my water quality I decided to treat with an ICS System, the ICS-STP.  It has a 5 micron sediment filter, which can help remove turbidity, but may not remove it completely. The carbon filter polishes the taste of my water and the PolyHalt to treat the hardness and iron.

We are working on launching a product finder on our website that will make product selection EASY! You will be able to pick with problems you have and it will give you the products that will treat the contaminants you have.

Choosing water treatment doesn’t have to be complicated and we’re here to help.


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