by Gabe Ergler
The Best Way to Rest Easy About Water Treatment
January 27, 2017
Home Water Test

How many times have you heard “Knowledge is Power”? That principal is integral when treating water.  I usually have a bank of questions for anyone who asks what type of treatment they need, questions that they have not thought about or know the answer to.  Utilizing the knowledge you have about your water and getting your water tested is the easiest way to tackle your water quality problems.

These are the things to remember when you are looking for a solution to your water quality problems.

  1. Get your water tested! This applies to people on a city water source or a well water source. It is going to help your water treatment professional out tremendously to have actual numbers in front of them, because guessing in water treatment gets you in trouble!
    1. If you get your water from a municipally supplied source then the municipality should have water test data they can give you. Most of the time they will direct you to a place on their website that has the information.  Get a copy and share it with your treatment professional.
  2. Where to get your sample tested – A lot of the time water treatment professionals have test equipment with them when they are gathering information. If they don’t do an onsite test they know of a lab or have one that they work with frequently.  If you aren’t working with a water treatment professional or you’d like to install your system yourself, usually you can find a list of certified labs on your state’s department of ecology website.  Here is Washington State’s Department of Ecology page where you can search for accredited labs.
  3. Let your water treatment professional know if there is anything you do not like about your water. If you refuse to drink it, that is something that your water treatment professional should know.  Make notes on if it smells, what it smells like, what it feels like, how it tastes, do you notice any stains, what colors are the stains, is there a funky buildup in your toilet tank?  The more information you can give about your water the easier it is going to be to make the right treatment recommendation.


Knowing what is in your water is the easiest way to determine what kind of treatment you need. And I’ve just put that together in 3 easy steps for you.  Knowing is half the battle, follow these easy steps to water treatment.


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