With the recent influx of lead present in municipal water supplies across the United States, everyone seems to be in a state of shock about water quality problems causing most to do little or nothing about it. This is where the millennial mentality or cobblers children syndrome kicks in for most of us…someone else will take care of me, someone will fix our water quality problems.

The truth of the matter is, waiting for someone else to fix your water quality problem or problems is going to continue to contribute to your water quality issue.  Your municipal water supplier and/or the EPA is not going to come to your rescue for increased hardness or silica. They do not have to.  The EPA has a list of contaminants that municipalities must treat for if they are present but, they also have a list of secondary contaminants that have suggested treatment levels but, municipalities are not required to treat.  Here is the list of EPA regulated contaminants.

If, like in the case of my Mom, the hardness and manganese levels of your municipality supplied water increase because a different source needed to be used, it is up to you to get that treated.   Even though you pay for the water that is provided to you from a municipality, you still have to pay for treatment of that water.

The EPA regulates contaminants deemed to be a health hazard, secondary contaminants that cause aesthetically unpleasing water are not under that regulation, which is why water treatment for secondary contaminants falls on the home owner.

I agree, it would be great if the municipality would buy you a new dishwasher, toilets, sinks, glasses, and washing machine when infrastructure and monetary reasons cause the need to switch sources but, it will not happen.  It is up to homeowners to break out of their millennial mentality and do something for themselves and their families.  Do not sit by and watch your water quality get worse, choose to get your water tested and get water treatment.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Water Softener

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Water Softener

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