by Gabe Ergler
Hard Water Affects Clothing and Detergent
December 27, 2016
Soft water and laundry

Hard Water Affects Clothing and Detergent

I’ve talked about this before but, I’d like to bring it up again.  Hard water is HARD on your clothes! It literally beats them up until they can’t take it anymore and your favorite sweater still looks dirty anHard Water Affects Clothing and Detergentd old after only a few washes.  Hard water is HARD on your pocket book because of all the extra detergent you have to purchase.  It’s fact that you use more detergent in hard water than you do in soft!

Before these two issues used to be pretty costly and time consuming to fix but, now, it’s SIMPLE! Salt free softeners give you and your family water that’s good for you, your clothes, and your pocket book! You can reduce the amount of detergent you use and your clothes will look cleaner and last longer.


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