Do you have laundry that feels rough? Or how about, no matter how much soap you use your clothes just don’t seem to come clean? These and many others can be symptoms of hard water.  When doing your laundry in hard water, you can use more soap and your clothes can look dingy.  Hard water can also cause grey or white streaks on fabrics.

If you’re like me you have been in the mindset for years that “Betty Homemaker” has just been that much better at doing her laundry than you.  Her hand towels are soft and fluffy instead of stiff and scratchy like yours.  In reality “Betty” has either had naturally soft water or she has a water softener!

Laundry is something that affects most women on a pretty personal level.  Even those of us who aren’t the best domestic goddesses around would still rather not be caught in clothes that look like they haven’t been washed or wear clothes that look old before their time.

Luckily there are solutions to hard water that won’t cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted soap.  PolyHalt treated water can give you water that is soft so that your laundry will be too.   PolyHalt sequesters hardness so that it cannot deposit and also makes it so that hardness cannot interact with laundry soap.  By conditioning the water clothes, towels, and sheets come out clean and soft, and will save you time and money.

Systems with PolyHalt are able to treat your whole home, giving your other water using appliances protection as well. Please read about other benefits of PolyHalt on our FAQ Page or our other blog posts.

In conclusion to this blog series, hardness can cause you to spend more time and money on things that you don’t have to.  By treating your hard water you can alleviate many household problems

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