Each year women spend hundreds of dollars on hair products.  Shampoo that takes care of frizzy hair, color treated hair shampoo, conditioners, volume enhancing mousse and the like.  The amount of shampoo and conditioners depends on how much hair a woman has and how many “rinse and repeats” it takes them in the morning to feel like their hair is clean and manageable.

What if I told you that the water that you are showering in plays a huge role in how much shampoo you need to use to get the desired result?  According to homewater101.com, the hardness minerals found in your water can cause your hair to be dry, and can also cause hair to be weighed down.   “…these minerals combine with your natural oils and can leave a greasy feeling scalp.  Hard water also makes shampoos, styling products and chemical services less effective because the minerals in the water react with the ingredients in your hair products”.

You have some options, you can buy expensive shampoo that is made especially for people with hard water, or you can try more home remedies to rinse your hair with, or better yet,  as we discussed in the first issue, you can find a solution to the problem.

Treating the water with PolyHalt®, our salt free softening system or a traditional softener will not only help with hygiene but, it will treat the water for your whole home as well, reducing scale and buildup on your pipes and your body.

Customers have attested to the savings and better feeling after installing an Integrated Cartridge Solution (ICS) with PolyHalt® has been installed.

“My wife has very long hair that drops below her waistline and has always used tons of conditioner.  I told her she should not need to use as much now. She didn’t cut back until she was almost out and to her surprise found she cut it back by at least 70 percent…” Keith – Installer

By treating the problem finding a solution for limp, dry hair is simpler and more cost effective than excessive rinse and repeat cycles and can offer added protection for your home as well.

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