What will you do with 2 extra days a year?

Advanced water treatment technology replaces long trusted salt softeners. Simple and effective cartridge based treatment is leading the race to replace older inefficient, environmentally unfriendly salt based softener technology. Salt softeners, in use since the 1930’s, are responsible for solving hardness problems and improving the lives of millions since. Once again, just as salt softeners did starting in the 1930’s, new technology is changing the way we treat hard water.

History repeats, just as salt softeners replaced the best available technology for hard water another technology is replacing salt softeners. Polyphosphate treatment has been used to treat hardness and staining problems in municipal applications since the 1920’s. In 2011 Cascadian Water introduced PolyHalt® a specialized polyphosphate based formula specially designed to replace salt softeners.

Cascadian PolyHalt®;

  • Is equally effective in both residential and commercial markets
  • Is a consumable material available in a specialized cartridge filters
  • Treats problems including hard water, staining, low pH, silica and more
  • Does not make your water feel slippery
  • Works without using salt, power or producing a salty waste stream.
  • Typically save 30 bags of salt and 10,000 gallons of waste water every year when compared to salt softeners


PolyHalt® treatment systems;

  • Are smaller sized compared to salt softeners
  • Hang on the wall freeing up valuable floor space
  • Have no moving parts
  • Are totally silent
  • Cost less to buy
  • Cost less to maintain


Like a salt softener treatment with PolyHalt® produces water where;

  • Soaps work better
  • Spots easier to clean up
  • Keeps laundry brighter and whiter
  • Protects your appliances against the damaging effects of hard water


PolyHalt® treats problems a salt softener can’t;

  • Blue staining caused by low pH
  • Silica which causes several problems including etching and pitting of glass


So let me explain how all this relates to getting 2 more days a year.

The average salt softener requires much more maintenance than a cartridge based treatment system with PolyHalt®. Annual changing of the PolyHalt® cartridge takes about 15 minutes. Go ahead, account for all the time spent buying, transporting, using and cleaning up around and maintaining a salt softener over a whole year you will see you are spending over 30 hours a year. Using a PolyHalt® treatment system saves you all this time and hundreds of dollars year after year.

In summary; when comparing salt based treatment to PolyHalt® you will spend less time and money to purchase and install PolyHalt® and year after year you will save time and money operating and maintaining, you will keep dozens of bags of salt out of the environment, you will save thousands of gallons of waste water, you will have treatment beyond that of a softener and you will get 2 days per year to do anything you want instead of dealing with a softener.

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