Introducing Modern Next Generation Water Treatment Systems

Over the years we’ve introduced many new water treatment products to the market.

We have learned some valuable lessons such as;

  • do not fully release a new product to the general marketplace until we know what it does
  • how it works
  • how to use it
  • defining the parameter or conditions of operation
  • that it is dependable

After testing, product certification and field trials, introduction of the ICS line of products to dealers, distributors and the general public market segments began in 2011 and was purposefully slow and systematic because our experience introducing other new products to market had taught us that as sales grew the systems would be installed to solve a much wider array of water quality problems and combination of problems than we could ever hope to test with the products prior to release to market.

Product improvements

We know from experience that regardless of what we say not everyone listens. These new treatment products would get installed to solve problems they were not designed to solve. We also knew we’d have to make adjustments to the product, specifications and application parameters. These adjustments would serve to clarify what problems they would and more importantly what problems they would not solve.

During the slow multi-year release we were able to make methodical changes as we discovered what we could do to improve the product line. Perhaps the biggest improvement to date is the development of PolyCor technology which allows us to combine PolyHalt with select other cartridge filters. PolyCor allows us to reduce the number of cartridge filters in systems reducing overall system size and making ICS even more eco-friendly. With PolyCor™, ICS systems that were originally two or three cartridge filter solutions were now reduced to one and two cartridge filters. PolyCor™ allows us to keep to a minimum the physical footprint, costs for the system and replacement filters, shipping and maintenance.

PolyCor Description

The Results?

Simply stated, we define a successful water treatment solution as one that solves the customer’s water quality problems. Now after more than 5 years and many thousands of successful ICS installations treating all different combinations of water quality problems across many regions of the country we can confidently say ICS systems and have proven to have the best mix of features and capabilities with operating parameters that all but guarantee success.

Modern Water Treatment Solves Problems
With Traditional Automatic Systems

Not only are ICS systems great water problem solvers they also solve these problems.

Because there is no salt to deal with or maintenance on any of the typical automatic system components you save about 20 – 30 hours per year. Replace softeners with a PolyHalt® treatment system

No salt to deal with. Save about 20 hours per year compared to traditional automatic treatment systems. Replace softeners with a PolyHalt® treatment system

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